Minutes of November 16, 2011

Present: Bozak, Pretzat, Nichols, Garii, Woolley


  • Magnets are done, sent to departments via associate/assistant deans, to the president, VPs, deans, library, OLS, honors, SA, lifestyles
  • Letter to student designer with magnet and our thanks!
  • Going on to our website, along with QR codes
  • QR code on digital signage now, will swap to magnet after Thanksgiving
  • QR code going into a December Toilet Talk

Advisor note on BDMS about integrity meeting with advisee reported for misconduct?

  • Should not every meeting with an advisee go into the electronic permanent folder? Or could it? Is this different than a note in a paper advisement folder?
  • What about the next advisor now learning about a prior incident? Would that be blowback on the student? Should someone outside of the student/instructor/dean/advisor know about an incident?
  • Should it follow a student? Or should it stop somewhere short?
  • Is it a privacy issue?
  • We'll resume discussion next time...sense seems to be to recommend not adding anything specific about the incident in advisor notes. Though, having a note of a meeting that took place would be useful if a subsequent incident occurs.

Citation discussion

  • where to start?
  • Can we promote discussion in departments?
  • What would we say/provide to spark the discussion?
  • For Gen Ed courses? Non-majors in upper div majors?
  • More specific conversations through CELT? Library talks?
  • Provide list of what depts do what where as note on diversity. Why/should faculty insist or not care about specific style. Bottom line is mixed message to students, which accounts for a number of incidents, resolved in different ways...
  • Winter breakout? Get it on calendar - Eng102 person? or faculty on both sides of the issue in order to have a heated discussion? Bozak will draft something and send it out electronically for comment/revision
  • Has to be 1st day of Winterbreakout or Bozak can't do it (ditto others)
  • Julie suggests a title: Citation hell - how to get out!

Faculty website structure discussion ensued...add explicit topic of when multiple instances lead to judicial charges by a dean; get someone to write a short piece on how the judicial option works, and what results might be. For tips, add how to structure assignments (written or other) and exams to minimize cheating, how to handle in-class exams to minimize cheating; Move debate over Turnitin to a separate section. Goal is to build structure now and fill it in with appropriate text over the spring in order to release a complete site to faculty by the end of Spring '12.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak