Minutes of May 4, 2011

Present: Bozak, Garii, Haefele, Hemphill, Morrison, Nichols, Pretzat

  • Judicial Affairs wants evidence when filing charges. In the past, deans filing charges against students who were repeat offenders (multiple instances of academic misconduct) only needed to provide the course, semester, incident and penalty. Now JA would like more, including the evidence to support the conclusion of misconduct.
    • One issue that arose in discussions with JA had to do with the question of intervention. We know that current policy asks faculty to meet with a student prior to making a final determination of misconduct and also asks deans to notify advisors of the student's misconduct ("in broad terms"), we do no follow-up with advisors - did they contact their student? Did they meet? What was discussed?
    • Do we need a reporting form? do you want to be contacted with follow-up? What would the follow-up be? JA cannot release information on results of any hearing, so that isn't the kind of feedback we can provide to instructors.
    • We have to balance the needs of JA versus faculty load - but the question is how to get information after the fact. Much simpler to gather information in "real time" and have a record to refer back to when/if needed.
    • Is there a conflict over nature of evidence required by JA versus the level of proof for an academic penalty being assessed. The fact that there was an incident that is documented is sufficient and the event won't be re-evaluated.
    • We need better communication to faculty, perhaps via an email blast to ensure that faculty at least know that there is a policy. Too little it communicated from FA members to their colleagues, for example. Two recent senior faculty were found to have little knowledge of our current policy on intellectual integrity. How can that be?
    • Two follow-ups are possible. The deans can email an advisor two weeks after the initial memo to see what, if anything, has transpired. There is no good gain for follow-up with the instructor since there is no more info to ask for or provide. The associate deans will get together to create a short email to send to advisors.
    • The online reporting form will be reviewed by JA to see if there is anything else they might need.
  • The Integrity Quiz Certificate is likely to be ready for summer preview. YEAH!
  • Dr. Grayson, EDU505, has lots of integrity information embedded in her online course. Barbara will try to get feedback on our stuff.

Thanks for all your hard work this year. I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall!

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak