Minutes of March 2, 2011

Present: Bozak Garii, Haefele, Hemphill, Nichols, Pretzat

  • The primary topic of the meeting was continued discussion on advice to faculty who are going to meet with their advisee who was caught cheating.
    • resources for faculty advisors should be on our website and there should be a reference to it in any letter sent to the faculty member.
    • the resource should include (1) sample email from advisor to student inviting a meeting, per the campus policy; (2) various resources - study skills, time management skills, judicial references, etc.; (3) a description of the purpose of the meeting; (4) sample questions/discussion points for the meeting
    • purpose: For the advisor to invited the stuent to a meeting to discuss the student's incident of academic dishonesty. The make the student feel that they have a support system in place while they proceed through and/or after the incident.
    • sample email to student: Dear [student], I have been notified that you have been involved in an incident regarding academic dishonest. I want to support you in moving beyond this issue, and would like for us to have a conversation about this situation. Please contact me to schedule a meeting by [date].
    • Julie will get a study skills URL from COMPASS and we'll see if we can track down any time management material. We can put both into the primer.
    • discussion with student:
      • So, what happened? Let the student describe the incident and the fallout. If the student is defensive about it, ask why they think that they thought it was cheating.
      • What would have been a better choice?
      • How could you have avoided this?
      • What sort of skills/resources do you need to be in a better position?
        • note-taking skills
        • help with Angel
        • time management
        • etc.
      • What was it that was preventing you from succeeding on your own?
      • if the student is appealing (and hasn't already done so), help with the appeal; ensure the student knows how to appeal - see policy
      • How to end the meeting?
        • an action plan? what should the next steps be for the student?
        • how to get back into the good graces of the instructor?
        • check back with the student in a few weeks to see how things are going
  • The online quiz - we went over questions. Bozak will send comments on to Doug.
  • We need more questions, so

For next meeting please bring one new question per category (below) that we can add to the question databank!

  1. Good Learning and Tips
  2. Why be Honest?
  3. College Policy
  4. Plagiarism - Identifying
  5. Plagiarism - Avoiding
  6. Cheating

 Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak