Minutes of February 2, 2011

Present: Bozak Haefele, Hemphill, Pretzat

*  Do we need to update the online intellectual integrity policy? We need to check on its status anf possible revisions or extensions (a video?)

*  Send a link to the Norwegian video on plagiarism to the committee

*  Our online quiz won't do email at the moment.

*  We need to create a document to provide faculty with some ideas of how they might interact with their advisees once they receive a notification that the student has been involved in an incident of misconduct

*  Does NY State have requirements on integrity issues for students? If so, at what grade level? What requirements?

*  Mr. Folino is to meet with the McNair Scholars tomorrow.

*  Bozak updated folks on our campus' participation in McCabe's international study.

*  Bozak will finish compiling and send out to the list a violations report for last year.

*  We had a Winter Breakout session that was fairly well attended, including folks from OLS and the School of Education.

*  We need to send out a semesterly reminder to include an integrity statement in a syllabus and that there is an online reporting form that faculty might use.

*  Doug will be providing folks with our quiz questions so that we can clean them up as well as add to them.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak