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Incorporate the latest forms of digital media into today's business practices.

Oswego presents a one-year, 15-credit graduate certificate in the hot field of Integrated Media with coursework in the Art, Communications Studies, and Computer Sciencedepartments.

This certificate can help you explore the way new technologies communicate ideas in an increasingly complex social and professional landscape. It serves recent graduates as well as offers retraining opportunities for professionals in the fields of media, design, graphic arts or other arts-related areas.

The Integrated Media graduate certificate is the only certificate of its kind offered by SUNY in Central New York. This program will teach you the skills companies and agencies look for as they work to utilize interactive media. As media continues to evolve, this program does so as well, with faculty and the curriculum continually adapting to the changes in the industry. 

The program will help professionals and students become more marketable. By bringing together professionals of various disciplines, your learning environment will mirror your future working environment. You can gain a solid understanding of media theory and design principles as well as many opportunities to apply knowledge in a particular technical concentration.

Program Goals

To provide:

  • an interdisciplinary opportunity to explore the relationship between integrated media technology and message design;
  • theoretical and practical foundations that will allow you to apply media technologies in a critical and creative way;
  • an opportunity to retrain or refocus skill sets by examining the integration of media and social networking technologies into current business practices;
  • an opportunity to explore the possibility of pursuing an advanced degree in integrated media, graphic design or other programs;
  • the opportunity to design communication projects that integrate traditional and digital formats; and
  • research and problem-solving skills in new media and communications.

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