Public Ceremonies Committee

This committee is responsible for coordinating the graduation ceremonies and other public ceremonies on campus.  Membership is by invitation only. For more information, contact Michael Flaherty, General Manager, Auxiliary Services and chair of the committee.

Membership 2019-20:

Richard Bush, Technology Education
William Canning, Campus Technology Services
Lori Cook, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Erin Dorsey, Office of Business and Community Relations
Michael Flaherty, Chair, Auxiliary Services
William Hammond, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Malcolm Huggins, Office of University Development
Rebecca Kempney, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Tyrone Neuland-Johnson, Campus Technology Services
Joy Knopp, Office of University Development
Ellen McCloskey, Office of the President
Mark Mirabito, Psychology
Karen Moore, Extended Learning
Timan Nekritz, Office of Communications and Marketing
Jordan Perry, Office of Admissions
Jose Ramos, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Vernon Reynolds, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
John Rossi, University Police
Michelle St. John, Office of the Registrar
Barbara St. Michel, Campus Life
Holli Stone, Campus Life
Daniel Tryon, Technology Department
Leigh Viscomi, Residence Life and Housing