Committee on Intellectual Integrity

This committee was formed by the Provost to address issues related to academic integrity including plagiarism and cheating. This committee works to maintain, update, and distribute the campus Intellectual Integrity Policy and maintains the Committee on Intellectual Integrity website. This committee also works with the Assistant Deans on other projects and issues related to Intellectual Integrity on the campus.

For more information about this committee and its proceedings check the Blackboard Group, or contact the Chair, Douglas Hemphill.

This committee meets once a month at a time determined by member availability.

Membership for 2019-2020:

Douglas Hemphill, chair, Extended Learning
Graig Arcuri, Accounting, Finance and Law
Eric Blanchard, Political Science
David Bozak, Computer Science
Sarah Hanusch, Mathematics
Mark Mirabito, Psychology
Ritu Radhakrishnan, Curriculum and Instruction
Jeremy Shifton, Public Justice
Laura Spenceley, CPS
Bastian Tenbergen, Computer Science

Minutes: (minutes are posted to the CII website)