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Release of Data and Information

Release of Data and Information:

As a component of a state agency, the policy of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment with respect to the release of data and information will be in compliance with the federal Freedom of Information Act, and the Freedom of Information Law of the State of New York. Copies of these laws are available upon request. Requests for data or information from the office of a potentially sensitive nature must be requested in writing to the College's Records Access Officer. This individual is responsible for accepting or denying such requests. Upon the written approval of the Records Access Officer, the Director of IR&A will forward such information to that office for release to the person or persons making the request. To help ensure the security of personal and institutional data, all persons providing temporary services to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment are required to read and sign on their first day of employment the "Agreement to Maintain Confidentiality of Data and Information" form (Appendix B).this form requires that providers of temporary service agree to maintain strict confidentiality of data and information during and after termination of their period of employment. Alleged violations of the principal of this agreement while employed with the office, will be reviewed by the Director, with the possibility of ensuing disciplinary action.

Office Staff

The activities of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment are administered by a full-time Director. The Director is responsible for the coordination of the total operation of the office and is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the college's programs of institutional research and assessment. While the general parameters are established by the Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost, most of the Director's work is self-directed and initiated. The Director serves as one of the principal advisors to the Provost on various matters including institutional research, information management system development, institutional self-assessment and enrollment management planning. Administrative and technical support is provided by two senior staff associates. The requirements of the office dictate that the individuals occupying these full-time positions possess broad knowledge of the management and operation of higher education, and training and experience in conducting objective, policy-oriented research based on the sound application of statistics, data processing, and other techniques. Clerical support services are provided by a full-time Administrative Aide. The person occupying this position is expected to have knowledge and experience in statistical typing, the ability to perform basic mathematical calculations, and strong skills in grammar and composition. This individual is also expected to acquire a working knowledge about data processing, and to become competent in the use of word processing systems. The Administrative Aide is also responsible for the routine day-to-day operation of the office. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment also utilizes services provided by graduate and undergraduate student assistants and other temporary service employees. The Office poses a unique opportunity for students to gain exposure to the field of higher education management, and experience in the area of applied research. As such IR & A actively seeks to identify students with an interest in developing projects related to the purpose of the office. Current staff are listed in Appendix C.

Location and Hours of Operation

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is located on the SUNY Oswego campus at 603 Culkin Hall, Oswego, NY 13126. Its principal hours of operation are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Any inquiries concerning the policies and/or operations of the office should be made to the Director. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment encourages and welcomes your comments.

For further information please contact the office of Institutional
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