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Instructional Workload In Terms Of Credit Enrollment By Department - Fall 2015

InstructionalTotal CreditCredit Enrollment
DepartmentFTE  FacultyEnrollmentPer FTE Faculty
 I. LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES 218.5564969297.27
 Anthropology 5.502479450.73
 Atmospheric and Geological Sciences10.512735260.23
 Biological Sciences18.753803202.83
 Chemistry 9.754392450.46
 Computer Science 13.084362333.49
 Economics 7.883954501.78
 Electrical and Computer Engineering4.4637082.96
 English 34.507886228.58
 History 15.126336419.05
 Human Development9.262727294.49
 Mathematics 23.917348307.32
 Modern Languages 15.753114197.71
 Philosophy 7.001632233.14
 Physics 9.022461272.84
 Political Science 6.251806288.96
 Public Justice 5.632193389.52
 Sociology 4.262181511.97
 Women's Studies0.50477954.00
 Art 18.753732199.04
 Communications Studies 29.538248279.31
 Music 13.632590190.02
 Theatre 6.001405234.17
 III. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 38.0313473354.27
 Accounting, Finance, & Law 16.155307328.61
 Marketing & Management 21.888166373.22
 IV. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION 77.7712047154.91
 Counseling & Psych. Svcs. 9.531695177.86
 Curriculum & Instruction 34.144634135.74
 Educational Administration 3.92522133.16
 Health Promotion & Wellness 16.663516211.04
 Technology 10.021151114.87
 Vocational Teacher Preparation 3.50529151.14
 V.   TOTAL CAMPUS 413.29109336264.55
Note: Departmental figures do not add to total campus, since Experienced Based Education is not included in this table.