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Distribution of Undergraduate Students by Living Arrangements Fall 1992 - Fall 2015

  Total#% of% of
  FT-UGResidentsTotal FT-UGTotal FT-UG
Fall 19926,5293,72757.1%42.9%
Fall 19936,9433,95557.0%43.0%
Fall 19946,7253,70755.1%44.9%
Fall 19956,5153,27950.3%49.7%
Fall 19966,3593,04447.9%52.1%
Fall 19976,1573,08450.1%49.9%
Fall 19986,0343,21753.3%46.7%
Fall 19996,1433,13851.1%48.9%
Fall 20006,2153,13650.5%49.5%
Fall 20016,3763,33252.3%47.7%
Fall 20026,6463,74456.3%43.7%
Fall 20036,5373,57354.7%45.3%
Fall 20046,5313,70056.7%43.3%
Fall 20056,6203,72556.3%43.7%
Fall 20066,6073,72256.3%43.7%
Fall 20076570387559.0%41.0%
Fall 20086702400059.7%40.3%
Fall 20096762390857.8%42.2%
Fall 20106983417659.8%40.2%
Fall 20116992423860.6%39.4%
Fall 20126815403059.1%40.9%
Fall 20136954424861.1%38.9%
Fall 20146880433363.0%37.0%
Fall 20157104423159.6%40.4%
Note: Totals do not include exchange students living on campus.

Source: SUNY Oswego Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Student Data Submission