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Distribution of Undergraduate and Graduate Students by Race/Ethnicity Fall 2011 - Fall 2015

Racial/Ethnic Group  Fall 2011  Fall 2012  Fall 2013  Fall 2014  Fall 2015
White (Non-Hispanic)611782.9%584281.7%579479.1%554877.1%534275.2%
Black (Non-Hispanic)3474.7%3755.2%4315.9%4696.5%5107.2%
Asian/Pacific Islander1381.9%1211.7%1301.8%1532.1%2032.9%
American Indian or Alaskan Native190.3%120.2%120.2%100.1%90.1%
Non-Resident Alien 841.1%831.2%1371.9%1982.8%1281.8%
Two or more races, non-Hispanic1542.1%1582.2%1682.3%1542.1%1702.4%
TOTAL Undergraduates7379  7151  7328  7193  7104  
White (Non-Hispanic)74989.5%68589.0%70088.7%74388.3%70684.8%
Black (Non-Hispanic)151.8%192.5%182.3%313.7%374.4%
Asian/Pacific Islander131.6%141.8%141.8%101.2%212.5%
American Indian or Alaskan Native30.4%30.4%00.0%20.2%40.5%
Non-Resident Alien111.3%70.9%81.0%91.1%40.5%
Two or more races, non-Hispanic111.3%111.4%182.3%81.0%50.6%
TOTAL Graduates837  770  789  841  833  
'** In addition to Non-Resident Aliens in SUNY Oswego Degree Programs the following number of Non-Resident Aliens are in SUNY Oswego Exchange Programs. 
FALL 201153
FALL 201270
FALL 201368
FALL 201455
FALL 201579