The College

State University of New York at Oswego is a comprehensive college and a member of the SUNY educational system. The campus is located along the shores of Lake Ontario two miles west of the City of Oswego, and 30 miles North of Syracuse on Route 104.  There is also a branch campus in Syracuse (SUNY Oswego Syracuse Campus) . The academic division of the college is organized under the following areas:  School of Education; School of Business; College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; School of Communication, Media and the Arts; Division of Extended Learning and Summer Sessions; and Graduate Studies and Research. The College has 31 academic departments and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in over 100 fields. The College offers a variety of Community Outreach activities in the form of conferences, seminars, training sessions, classes and meetings. Contracts and grants awarded to The Research Foundation for SUNY on behalf of SUNY Oswego during the 2015-2016 fiscal year totaled $6.3 million.