AEFIS Reporting System

SUNY Oswego is implementing the AEFIS application to coordinate many data collections.  This page provides resources for members of the SUNY Oswego community regarding this roll-out.

During May 2020, we will be collecting office’s annual report submissions using AEFIS. 

  • Faculty and staff who are required to submit annual updates will get an email message from their supervisor or another senior administrator that will contain a link to the new AEFIS data collection form.
  • You may download a static version of that form here, if you would like to prepare your responses off-line before accessing the AEFIS form.  
  • Click here for a document that describes the process of completing the form. 
  • Click here for a document that describes the process of approving the form.
  • Address technical questions about using the form to Mary Ann Preston, via email at
  • To sign up for a live Q&A  session, please email Mary Ann  Preston  at Once signed up, you will receive an email invitation with the URL to a Zoom meeting. The  sessions take place on the following dates: 
May 29 @ 11:00
June 1 @ 11:00
June 2 @ 2:00
June 3 @ 11:00
June 4 @ 1:00
June 5 @ 11:00