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Oswego Fulbright Scholars

If you are interested in pursuing a Fulbright opportunity, please feel free to contact any of these scholars who can tell you about their applications and experiences. Also, if you see any information that needs to be updated or corrected please contact us at

2013-2014Dr. Lenuta GiukinModern Languages and LiteraturesRepublic of Moldova
2011-2012Dr. Geraldine Forbes  HistoryIndia
2011-2012Dr. Faith Maina Curriculum and InstructionKenya
2010-2011Dr. Joshua McKeown International Education and ProgramsIndia
2010Dr. Edward O'SheaEnglishIndia
2008Dr. Alfred FrederickCurriculum and InstructionBenin
2005Dr. Alfred FrederickCurriculum and InstructionBrazil
2003-2004Dr. Geraldine ForbesHistoryIndia
2003Dr. John F. Lalande IIModern Languages and LiteraturesGermany
2003Dr. Alfred FrederickCurriculum and InstructionBenin
2000-2001Dr. Alfred FrederickCurriculum and InstructionBenin
1999-2000Dr. Alfred FrederickCurriculum and InstructionBenin
1997-1998Dr. Chris LaLonde EnglishFinland
1994-1995Dr. Peter Hertz-OhmesForeign Languages and LiteraturesGermany
1993-1994Dr. David Conrad History

Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire, 

Gambia and Malli

1992-1993Dr. Roger HinrichsPhysicsMuscat, Oman
1991-1992Catherine RendonForeign Languages and LiteraturesGuatemala
1990-1991Dr. Alfred FrederickCurriculum and InstructionBrazil
1989Dr. David Prychitko EconomicsYugoslavia
1988-1989Edward NordbyForeign Languages and LiteraturesRussia
1988-1989Dr. Mahlon WagnerPsychologyGermany
1987-1988Yvonne Myriam JehensonModern Languages and LiteraturesGuatamala
1984-1985Edward NordbyForeign Languages and LiteraturesRussia
1981-1982Anthony John VitaleLinguisticsPoland
1981Walter Opello Political SciencePortugal