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International Year Of Brazil

About the International Year of Brazil program

A year of cultural and academics events that will increase our understanding of the historical, economic, political, geographic, cultural, and environmental characteristics of Brazil, with the goal of providing students and community members with a unique opportunity to learn more about this wonderful country, and about the contribution of its people to our communities.

Fall 2016

  • September 18, 6:00pm, MCC Food Court: Brazilian Cultural Festival Kickoff Event
  • September 22, 5:00pm, Sheldon Ballroom: Internatiol Year of Brazil Opening Ceremony
  • September 22, 6:30pm, MCC Auditorium: SAMBA LARANJA in Concert
  • October 18, 2:20pm, MCC 205: Lecture by Patricia Rodriguez (Ithaca College): The Brazilian Landless Rural Movement (MST) and their Challenge for Social Justice and Democracy
  • October 19, 6:45 pm, Lanigan 103: Brazilian Film Festival: Madame Satã
  • November 14, 12:40 pm, MCC 133: Lecture by Pedro Erber (Cornell University): The Politics of Play in Brazil: Contemporary Art, Neoliberalism, and the Crisis of Labor
  • November 16, 6:45 pm, Lanigan 103: Brazilian Film Festival: Behind the Sun - Abril Despedaçado 

Spring 2017

  • March 22
    Mahar 102
    Living with the Brazilian political pendulum: 50 years of Left to Right
    Tania Ramalho (Curriculum and Instruction)
    A personal and scholarly historical account of the political struggles at the federal governmental level in Brazil, starting with President Juscelino Kubitschek (1956-1961), through the military dictatorship (1964-1985) and the Worker's Party mandate (2003-2016), to today's neoliberalist Temer (since 2016).

  • April 11
    12:45-2:05pm and 2:20-3:40 pm
    (same lecture at both times, for your convenience)
    Rich 319
    From Boom to Bust: What went wrong with Brazil?
    Flavia Dantas (SUNY Cortland)
    Ten years ago, Brazil entered one of the most significant economic expansions in the country's recent history, briefly reaching the rank of 6th economy in the world in 2011. Today, Brazil faces one of its worse recessions in the last 25 years. It also faces a serious political crisis, and a sudden departure from previous public policy strategies that privileged social spending for poverty reduction and income redistribution. This talk will explore Brazil's sudden trajectory from Boom to Bust, and explore its prospects for the future.

  • April 25
    2:20 - 3:40pm
    Marano 201
    Tropical Flapper or Engaged Writer?: Patrícia Galvão and the Sorrows of a Brazilian Socialite Turned Political Activist in the 1920s
    Gonzalo Aguiar Malosetti (Modern Languages)
    Patrícia Galvão (1910-1962), one of the most significant voices of the artistic movement known as Brazilian Modernism, made a name for herself during the political and economic transformations experienced in Brazil in the early 1920s. This talk will provide an entry point to Galvão's life and works vis-à-vis her struggles to become a respected intellectual in a male-dominated society as well as to give Brazilian women a more active participation in the public sphere.


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