Fall 2016

Sep 22
International Year of Brazil Opening Ceremony
With special guest Sally Crimmins Villela, SUNY Assistant Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs
5:00 PM
Sheldon Ballroom

Sep 26
Humphrey Fellows Speed Meetings
12:40 PM
Sheldon Ballroom

Oct 18 
The Brazilian Landless Rural Movement (MST) and their Challenge for Social Justice and Democracy
Lecture by Patricia Rodriguez (Ithaca College)
2:20 PM
Marano Campus Center 205

Oct 31
Passing the Tebbit cricket test: Parallels between the politics of UK in the 80's and the current Presidential election
Lecture by Shashi Kanbur
12:40 PM
Marano Campus Center 133

Nov 9
Panel discussion on the film "He named me Malala."
Moderated by Ritu Radhakrishnan
12:40 PM
Marano Campus Center 205

Nov 14
The Politics of Play in Brazil: Contemporary Art, Neoliberalism, and the Crisis of Labor
Lecture by Pedro Erber (Cornell University)
12:40 PM
Marano Campus Center 133

Spring 2016

Feb 29
The "Korean Wave" and Social Media in Turkey
Chong Jin Oh
Even though Korea and Turkey are geographically distant countries, they have been emotionally close due to shared historical memories. This presentation explores the surprising surge in popularity of Korean pop culture in Turkey in the context of historical, cultural, and technological relations between the two countries.
12:40 - 1:35 pm
Marano 133

Mar 14
Phi Beta Delta Teach-in: Access and Issues in Global Education
Student and faculty members of Phi Beta Delta, the Honor Society for International Scholars, will make short presentations on a variety of topics related to education in a global context. Panel and audience discussion will follow.
12:40 - 1:35 pm
Marano 133

Mar 28
Business Expansion into Emerging Markets
Annlorraine Edwards
While business organizations are trending toward rapid expansion into emerging markets, such efforts are challenged by social and economic conditions for which they may be ill-prepared. This conceptual paper identifies and discusses some of these challenges.
12:40 - 1:35 pm
Marano 133

Apr 11
Representations of Infanticide in the British Romantic Period (1770-1830)
Elizabeth Bishop
From Abolitionist propaganda to the novels of Walter Scott, dead babies populate romantic pages. My talk will explore the deployment of this image, and the political contexts bound up in it.
12:40 - 1:35 pm
Marano 133

Apr 25  
Cultural Exchanges during the Cold War: Latin America in the Work of Frank Tannenbaum
Gonzalo Aguiar Malosetti
Tannenbaum's (1893-1969) work on the Mexican Revolution and the history of racial relations of Afro-Latin Americans made him particularly vulnerable to criticism from a revisionist standpoint. This talk argues that his work is particularly illustrative of the political anxieties caused by the creation of the Alliance for Progress, a program established as a cooperative effort between the Americas.
12:40 - 1:35 pm
Marano 133

Fall 2015

Sep 21
Pause...Before Rushing In: Examining Motivations to Help In Trauma Impacted Communities Internationally
Barbara Streets
To maximize a humanitarian response to an international disaster, it is important for human services providers to critically examine their motivations for assisting. This presentation offers a set of reflective questions for human services providers, cultural immersion curriculum developers, and independent agents to ponder prior to responding to international disasters.

Oct 5
Iconoclasm as Spectacle and War Crime: The Self-Proclaimed "Islamic State's" Destruction of Antiquities in Context
Lisa Langlois
On August 25th, 2015, ISIL obliterated the Temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra, Syria, playing upon stereotypes of religious extremists as iconoclasts in order to obscure the economic and political underpinnings of extreme power. This panel opens a conversation about the destruction of art and architecture as a military tactic.

Oct 19
The UN at 70: Achievements and Challenges
Lisa Glidden
This talk examines the 21st Century challenges of the United Nations, an institution that was created by and reflects the post-WWII global order.

Nov 2
Flesh that Means: Women, Migration and Violence in Central and North America
Roberta Hurtado
Latinas within Central American nations as well as Mexico are currently forced to engage in migration patters to either urban or international destinations as a means of survival. This lecture examines the violence—both literal and metaphorical—with which these women struggle and the multiple ways that they are situated as targets for perpetration.

Nov 16
Following in the Footsteps of a 17th-century Traveler in the North Caucasus
Murat Yasar
Evliya Çelebi (1611- c.1685) was an Ottoman traveler—scholar, courtier, raconteur, dervish, musican, and linguist—who over the course of 40 years journeyed the entire empire and beyond and authored what is considered the largest travel account in history (10 vols.), providing a unique record of his times. This talk will focus on his travels in the North Caucasus.