Coordinating Board minutes summaries

IGE Coordinating Board meetings
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Spring 2014

April 1          Student Fulbright recruitment is underway; Hart Hall is developing form for event support; OIEP professional development trip with CAPA was a success; PBD induction is on Ap 16 following IGE speaker.  International Students and Visiting Scholars Committee announced that international students will be able to stay in Hart Hall students during spring break. We will have Quest presentations from international students and Curriculum Committee.  The provost joined to discuss ideas for the future of IGE and the search for a new director.   

February 4            We have posters and announcements about the new discussion series. Phi Beta Delta and IGE participated in the International Student welcome.  The Curriculum Committee is planning a QUEST presentation, International Students & Scholars Committee is discussing the issue of spring break and international students are planning a QUEST event.  We have the highest number of international students ever.  We spent time discussing the future of IGE.     

Fall 2013

November 20             We sponsored two talks in November.  We discussed and approved allocations of our budget.  Announcements included: Hart Hall has funding available; Phi Beta Delta hosted a speaker and participated in the Global Awareness Conference; OIEP described a new study abroad program and new transfer agreements.  

October 16            The IGE continues to co-sponsor some of the Ernst & Young lectures and will co-sponsor a discussion with Phi Beta Delta on the subject of Women, War, and Peace.  Announcements: Student Fulbright applications are being submitted, Global Awareness Conference is scheduled for November; Discussion Series will be on Poverty in a Global Perspective; Modern Languages and Literature is continuing its film series and conversations; and Phi Beta Delta students are active.  

September 25             This was a General Meeting for all those involved in any way with IGE.  The group voted to merge the world community mailing list and the global engagement mailing list.  All members were also in favor of merging the International Student Committee with the Visiting Scholars Committee so both groups can work together.  We also heard about upcoming activities in OIEP, Hart Hall, Modern Languages and Literature, Student Fulbright, International Students, Curriculum Committee, Scholars, and Phi Beta Delta.

Spring 2013

April 10           
Final reports will be due on April 30th.  We will recognize the work of organizing Conversation Partners at the upcoming International Student Meeting.   Phi Beta Delta will hold its annual induction ceremony in Sheldon Hall on April 19th.  

March 13           There are COIL presentations today with Lebanon partner.  We discussed plans for continuing membership status in Phi Beta Delta.  We will honor the organizer of Conversation Partners, which is now successfully underway.  Hart Hall is supporting events, OIEP has new programs, Modern Languages and Literature is awarding GETCO travel grants, the Global Laboratory is successful, and IGE has been encouraging sign up on the faculty collaboration page.   

February 13           The spring semester discussion series is underway and the IGE is co-sponsoring Ernst & Young lectures.  The Fulbright committee is recruiting a new round of potential candidates, the Modern Languages Film Series continues, and international students have organized a QUEST presentation.

Fall 2012

November 14           
A COIL course has started and the IGE is co-sponsoring some lectures in Ernst & Young Lecture Series.  Hart Hall Global Awareness Conference was a success, and the spring IGE speakers' series is underway.  We discussed possible professional development opportunities with CAPA gift funding.  

October 17           
We discussed allocations for our budget for the year.  The General Meeting is discussed and deemed a success by the attendees.  The website has been updated and the first student Fulbright applications are submitted.  We discussed the CAPA event held recently and a discussion series on War and Peace.  The International Student committee is working on establishing conversation partners.  The Fulbright committee is interviewing students, the Global Awareness Conference is upcoming, and Modern Languages and Literature is hosting conversation hours.  The Obama-Singh grant will be resubmitted, and Global Studies now has almost 100 majors.  

September 5           A new GA joins the IGE.   We have a budget allocation and a new brochure.  OIEP announced that preparations are underway for 50 Korean transfer students who will complete their degrees at Oswego.   We planned for the upcoming General Meeting.     

Spring 2012

May 2           We discussed the accomplishments of IGE for the final report.  The most important accomplishments included developing a strategic plan, creating a website, launching Phi Beta Delta, starting the Fulbright Mentoring Program, and starting a discussion series.   Plans for a larger General Meeting were discussed for next fall.  

April 4           The board reviewed the first IGE brochure and discussed possible revisions.  Also, the first discussion series is planned for next year based on committee recommendations.  Lastly, a list of past and current Visiting Scholars will be added on the IGE website.  

March 7           We discussed new committees to implement the Strategic Plan:  IGE International Students and Visiting Scholars Committee, IGE Scholars Committee, IGE Curriculum Committee, IGE Student Fulbright and International Awards Committee.  Further, the IGE constructed and approved by all members.  We also discussed the faculty collaborations website constructed by our Graduate Assistant.  We now have a new brochure for Student Fulbright, and a USAID grant in the process.  Other announcements: Phi Beta Delta induction, new study abroad locations, and Hart Hall support for speakers.

February 15           The first General Meeting of the IGE drew an overwhelmingly positive response.  From this, strategic goals were reordered to emphasize scholarly focus.  We will work with publications on a brochure.  The speaker series will start in March.  We will participate in International Fair.  Members are reminded to link to the IGE events calendar.   Lastly, a second Phi Beta Delta induction ceremony planning is underway.

January 25           The board discussed revisions to the strategic plan as proposed by the Interim Provost.   The plan and proposed steps will be discussed at the general meeting.  Many spring activities and grant possibilities were also announced.  Further, the board approved the annual goals for 2011-2012 as drafted; this included identifying a regular time for a discussion series.  Lastly, a consultant has been invited to campus for us to learn about supporting students seeking a Fulbright award.     

Fall 2011

December 5           The Director of the Global Laboratory is welcomed to the board.  We did further work on the draft of strategic plans shared with the provost.  Mission statement was debated as well as the goals for the institute as a whole.  The Phi Beta Delta officers were announced, and we discussed a new speaker's series for the spring.  

November 16           The board welcomes new chairs to the International Student Committee, the International Committee, the Curriculum Committee, and the Visiting Scholars committee.  Phi Beta Delta officers have been elected.  The student Fulbright Committee will meet for the first time.  Announcements of upcoming events were shared.  The Coordinating Board discussed ideas for strategic goals collected so far from committees and others.     

October 19           OIEP reported two new transfer agreements with China for students to finish their business degrees.  The Hart Hall Global Awareness conference, Modern Languages lunches, and the Sustainability Major were discussed.  Further, the first Phi Beta Delta induction takes placed on October 24th.  Strategic planning has started.   

September 21           The new director announced that space in IPAC, a budget, and a Graduate Assistant for IGE have been approved.  Hart Hall is sponsoring the Global Awareness Conference.  The board also discussed ways to become sponsors of activities on campus, such as hosting a discussion series.  A dynamic website and a mailing list are important.  Phi Beta Delta is also being started.