Research defined

To conduct any research using humans as participants at SUNY Oswego, you must first obtain approval from Oswego's Institutional Review Board, the Human Subjects Committee (HSC). A member of this committee reviews the proposed research to determine if the research follows the ethical standards set by the Code of Federal Regulations (45 CFR 46). The proposal will be reviewed only in regard to the ethical nature of the research; we do not review the proposal critically for content unless it impacts on the ethical issue (e.g., we may suggest a correlation strategy if we believe the experimental manipulation is questionable ethically). You must obtain approval before you recruit or run any participants.

All SUNY Oswego institutional studies and program assessment projects conducted by and or  involving students, faculty and staff of SUNY Oswego need to be reviewed by HSC and also approved by Director of Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA). To expedite the process, the proposals should be sent to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at

How is this review accomplished? First, each researcher must have completed mandatory training in protection of human subjects in research. Then the researcher submits an online form which describes the research protocol and to which is attached the following documents:

  • Proof of completion of mandatory training
  • Informed consent form
  • Debriefing document

Supplemental material should also be attached (copies of surveys, questionnaires, etc.), as is appropriate.