Online forms

Online Forms

External Investigators should read this document before preparing a proposal.

As of the fall 2010 semester, all submissions for review by the Human Subjects Committee must us the online submittal form: Online Human Subjects Transmittal Form

The completed form is then sent to the HSC co-chairs, an HSC reviewer, and to the researcher who submits the form.

Students should first work with their faculty sponsor in learning how to use the transmittal form by using this practice versionPRACTICE Online Human Subjects Transmittal Form

Submit the practice transmittal form and include your faculty sponsor's name. When a student researcher completes this form and clicks on the submit button, a copy is sent electronically only to the student and their faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor can then review the submission and help the student refine what they submit and ensure all necessary attachments are provided. At that point the student researcher can use the "real" transmittal form, above.