SUNY Oswego has a wide variety of recreational, cultural and social activities available to the members of the academic and professional staff and their families.


Laker Hall: The facility is located at the South Athletic field and contains a swimming pool and diving well, main gym with seating for 4800 persons, an auxiliary gym, wrestling room, training room, physical fitness room. classrooms, locker and shower rooms, handball and squash courts, as well as staff offices.

The swimming pool is open to students and staff members at designated times. Information on these open swim periods is published on the college’s online calendar or can be obtained by contacting the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics.

The academic and professional staff may use the other facilities of Laker Hall, including the various recreation areas and the fitness room, when they are not in use for instruction. Further information is available from the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Mary V. Lee Hall: Facilities in the building include a swimming pool, one handball and one squash court, as well as a gymnasium, dance room, fencing room, sauna and locker rooms.

The facilities of Lee Hall are available to members of the academic and professional staff and adult members of their families. Information on the use of facilities is available by contacting Campus Recreation at 312-3114. Recreation hours, sponsored by the Student Association, are posted in the building.

Fallbrook Recreation Area: Fallbrook, owned by Auxiliary Services, is located on Thompson Road, which is south of the main campus. It offers year-round, all-purpose recreation for academic and professional staff and students, including cross country skiing, canoeing, picnicking and hiking. The facilities at Fallbrook include a lounge, a spacious paddock, a large covered deck and a ski lodge. The lodge may be reserved, at no cost, by campus groups by contacting Auxiliary Services at 312-2262.

Marano Campus Center: The Marano Campus Center houses a state-of-the-art ice rink for hockey, figure skating and recreational skating.  The ice rink is available for use by the college community, youth hockey programs and community programs. The schedule is made available each fall when the ice is down.

Golden Romney Field House: This facility, the former home of the Lakers collegiate hockey program (moved to the Marano Campus Center), houses a Grasstex four-lane, ten-lap track and an indoor netted area for varsity baseball, softball and golf.

Tennis Courts: There are 28 tennis courts in different locations on campus. The courts are generally open and available to academic and professional staff members on a first-come, first-served basis when not in use for instruction or for intercollegiate meets.


The college has a wide variety of intercollegiate sports, in both men's and women's areas, competing during fall, winter and spring seasons.  Schedules of sports events are available through online through the athletics website. Many athletic contests are open to the public without charge. A minimal admission fee is charged for intercollegiate hockey and intercollegiate basketball games.

Cultural Activities

The Student Association Programming Board (SAPB) plans a wide-ranging series of events each academic year, and almost all of them are open to the academic and professional staff at either minimal or no cost. These offerings include movies, lectures, musical groups and touring road companies of plays and musicals. These events are publicized through the online events calendar and campus newspaper. In addition to these activities, various academic departments schedule a variety of activities.


Artswego was established in 1990 and operates through the Oswego College Foundation, Inc. Committed to artistic excellence, Artswego administers and provides support for diverse cultural programs for the campus and community.  This includes a Performing Arts Series, selected gallery exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations by visual and performing artists and film/video screenings.

A Student Arts Fee, a Patron of the Arts Program, and grants provide Artswego's support.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to support Artswego through the Patron of the Arts Program either with a direct contribution or payroll deduction.  In return for support, patrons receive discounted tickets and are listed in the program for the Performing Arts Series.

Through the support of Auxiliary Services, students can attend performances at SUNY Oswegofor the cost of a movie or less.  Faculty are encouraged to make the arts part of their curriculum. As part of the First Year Experience, support is available through the Office of the Associate Provost for freshmen preceptor classes to attend performances at no charge.  Faculty should call 312-2232 to take advantage of this opportunity.

Another program unique to the campus is a program called Take Your Students to the Arts. When faculty members purchase their own tickets, they receive up to four free student tickets for one of the events in the Performing Art Series.

Faculty members who would like to facilitate bringing an arts program to campus can receive financial support from Artswego. Faculty members can be involved in planning as a member of the Arts Programming Board or by serving on one of several committees.

Artswego is administered by the Arts Programming Coordinator whose office is located at Room 105A Mahar. The coordinator can be reached via email at or by calling 312-4581.

Music: Members of the music faculty regularly present faculty concerts and recitals. Musical organizations, sponsored by Student Association and under the direction of members of the music faculty, also present a wide range of concerts on campus. Working with Artswego, the music department sometimes bring nationally and internationally touring musicians to campus for concerts and sometimes residencies working with students.

Theater: Theater faculty and staff work closely with students to present a varied program of theatrical works to me campus and community. Productions are funded from a variety of sources including box office receipts and the Student Association through the student Blackfriars Theater Organization. Productions unfold in the 500-seat Waterman Theater, the smaller Lab Theater with its more flexible space and during Tyler renovations in Hewitt Union spaces.

Educational Opportunities

Through the college's Office of Extended Learning in Marano Campus Center, an extensive number of programs and courses are available. These include offerings for adults and for children on a wide variety of subjects. Information on these offerings can be obtained by contacting the Office of Extended Learning by calling 312-2270.

There are a number of other recreational, cultural and social activities available in Oswego, nearby Syracuse and Rochester and smaller venues. The best source of information for events are media outlets or by contacting the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce in Oswego.

For newcomers to the state, a complete "Vacationlands" booklet for New York state is available by contacting The State of New York Department of Commerce, VacationLands Distribution Center, PO Box 490-B716, Latham, NY 12110.