Health Insurance Option Transfer and Opt-Out Program

We have received notice that the health insurance rates for 2018 have been established. The deadline for changing health insurance options is December 15, 2017. The 2018 Health Insurance Choices booklet, which will outline the benefits of each plan.

To change your health insurance option for 2018, you must complete a NYS Health Insurance Transaction Form.

Below are the rates for the Empire Plan. If you are currently enrolled in an HMO, please check the following link for your health insurance rate: NYSHIP Rates & Deadlines for 2018.

2018 Empire Plan rates

Individual (salary equated to Grade 9 or below): $43
Individual (salary equated to Grade 10 or above): $57.33
Family (salary equated to Grade 9 or below): $188.41
Family (salary equated to Grade 10 or above): $224.29

2018 Opt-Out Program

New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) will again offer the Opt-Out Program, which allows eligible employees who have other employer-sponsored group health insurance, to opt out of their NYSHIP coverage in exchange for an incentive payment. This program is available to employees represented by CSEA, PEF, APSU, NYSCOPBA, Council 82, UUP, and Managerial Confidential. 

On an annual basis, employees who elect to participate in the Opt-Out Program will receive incentive payments totaling $1,000 for opting out of Individual coverage, or $3,000 for opting out of Family coverage. The incentive payments will be prorated and reimbursed through the employee’s biweekly paychecks throughout the year. 

Please remember, if you were enrolled in the Opt-Out Program for 2017 you MUST re-enroll for 2018.


To be eligible for the Opt-Out Program, an employee must meet the following criteria: 

  • The employee must currently participate in the Opt-Out Program; OR
  • The employee must have been enrolled in NYSHIP as a State employee on April 1, 2017, or on the date first eligible for NYSHIP if that date is after April 1, 2017, through the end of the plan year; AND
  • The employee must provide information and attest to having other employer-sponsored group health insurance in effect for the Opt-Out period. 

If you are interested in participating in this program, you must complete the appropriate forms PS 404 and PS 409 and return them to the office of Human Resources Office by December 15, 2017. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources at 315.312.2230 or email