The HSC 498 Wellness Management Internship is the capstone course for HPW majors and requires you to have already taken HSC 448. A big part of the internship is showcasing your independence, professionalism, preparation, and knowledge about working in the field of wellness management and health promotion.

Departmental registration deadlines will be followed or each semester/term

  • Summer 2020 Internship -  April 15, 2020
  • Fall 2020 Internship – May 1, 2020

We will not accept any late submissions after the deadline.  The only consideration for a late application will be for second semester seniors that meet the requirements. 


Step 1: Search Career Services (HireOZ) to find internship sites or you can the Visit the Compass Resource Center (Marano Campus Center 145) and speak to the Navigators for assistance.

Step 2: Your site supervisor must complete this Verification form:

Tina Cooper (Site Coordinator of EXCEL: Experiential Courses and Engaged Learning) will send you a stamped Position Description in five days after your site supervisor fills out the verification form.

Step 3: Attach verified and stamped Position Description from to Experiential Application 

Bring both the Position Description and the Experiential Application to the HPW department 105 Park Hall, for Dr. Seo’s signatures. Dr. Seo will sign as both the Academic Advisor and Faculty Sponsor. After she signs the form, deliver it to the EXCEL: Experiential Courses and Engaged Learning (Marano Campus Center 145). The registrar will register you for HSC 498 Internship course (3 credits). When you are registered, you can view the course on Blackboard. The course requires 120 hours work, a midterm paper, 2 work samples and final paper. Specific information including syllabus, assignments, and rubrics are on Blackboard. All course fees for enrolling and completion is the same as any other course. (See course semester fees).

Step 4: Submit online the Intent to Apply form for Winter/Spring 2020.

Step 5: Create Five SMART learning objectives that you want to accomplish at your internship sites. Learning objectives must be specific and measurable and demonstrate your understanding of health promotion needs assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.  You will need to share the learning objectives with Dr. Seo in a google doc for APPROVAL (Sample are at the bottom of the page). If the learning objectives are not submitted to Dr. Seo by the end of the 1st week of the semester, then you will be dropped from the internship.

Step 6: After your five learning objectives are approved, your Learning Agreement will be generated electronically and YOU, your site supervisor, and Dr. Seo will submit and approve all documentation online through the Experiential Network. The EXCEL office will send you a notification letter for you to do this.

Step 7: After step 1-6 are completed, you can start working at your internship site (Any time after the first day of the semester when your course registration is complete).

 If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Minjung Seo (105 Park Hall), Health Promotion and Wellness Internship Coordinator, 

Prior Felony Conviction Questionnaire:

There has been a new procedure added that you will need to complete before you can be registered for your Internship.

 Please follow the instructions below to complete this requirement.

 As you will be registered for an internship for summer/fall 2019, please fill out the Prior Felony Conviction Questionnaire by:

 1. Signing in to MyOswego at

2. Clicking the Questionnaire link at or typing FELONY in the search bar in myOswego:

3. Completing the Questionnaire.

Samples of Learning Objectives:

1. Administer a needs assessment in Oswego County about mosquito-borne disease
2. Recognize and develop the key components of a needs assessment of a new patient in a physical therapy (PT) setting
3. Apply “evidenced-based” health promotion program theories/models to develop physical activity and nutrition education program for college student on campus.
4. Determine which health promotion program theories/models will work best in a PT setting to facilitate exercise adherence
5. Implement an effective social media campaign to reduce the rate of obesity in older adults in Oswego and evaluate improvements to knowledge, attitudes, or behaviors.
6. Implement exercise programs protocols to the patients under direct PT supervision at Summit Physical Therapy office
7. Evaluate an obesity prevention program for children in Oswego determine its effectiveness in changes to knowledge, attitudes, or behaviors
8. Evaluate a patient’s progress during a PT program
9. Develop media (infographic, blogs, newsletters, brochure, and patient education materials) for the organization and evaluate effectiveness.

 Student responsibilities:

  • Pre-requisites: junior or senior status, HSC 448, 2.5 GPA.  
  • You will need to apply to prospective placement sites early in the semester prior to the anticipated internship.
  • You will need to develop a learning agreement with the HPW internship coordinator (Dr. Minjung Seo) and have clearly defined learning objectives approved. 
  • You will need to complete all of the responsibilities as listed on the learning agreement in a timely and professional manner.
  • You will need to consult with the work site supervisor and Dr. Minjung Seo regarding any time conflicts or other problems related to the internship.
  • Dr. Minjung Seo will be the only HPW faculty member signing your HSC 498 forms. She will be signing on the various forms as the internship coordinator, faculty sponsor and faculty advisor. 
  • You do not need your academic advisor's signature to apply for HSC 498.
  • You will be representing SUNY Oswego, and expect you to behave and dress in a professional demeanor at your internship and provide valuable and reliable support to your internship site