Discover Your Future In Health Promotion and Wellness Management 

Acquire invaluable practical experience, uncover potential career paths, and establish connections with experts in your chosen field, all while putting your classroom knowledge to the test in a real-world setting. The internship course in Health Promotion and Wellness Management (HSC 498) is tailored to offer you firsthand exposure to the industry. It serves as a valuable complement to your undergraduate education, propelling you towards the achievement of your degree while equipping you with practical skills and knowledge in the field.

Internship Types  Paid or Unpaid 
Duration Spans the full semester or term
Enrollement Status  Can be full-time or part time, still take classes 
Length of Registration Once started, the process to getting registered may take several weeks.
Required Course  HSC 498 combines internship work with course assignments.
Credits  3 credit hours 
Semester Availability Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer semesters. 
Required Hours  120 hours 
Fees Part of tuition Fall and Spring, Cost per credit for Summer/Winter
Grading  H (Honors), S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory) not calculated into your GPA
Faculty Sponsor All HPW students have the same faculty sponsor Dr. Jessica Harris 
Timelines Timelines & Deadlines 

Eligibility & Criteria 

  • Must be a junior, senior or graduate student (transfer and graduate students must complete one academic semester in major/program).
  • Must have at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • Must have completed HSC 448 with a C- or better.
  • International students on an F-1 visa must meet with their International Education Advisor before registering for an internship.

Navigating Your Internship 

Navigating the world of internships might appear overwhelming when you're uncertain about the array of opportunities, but you can be confident that our dedicated faculty advisors, department internship coordinator, and the wealth of resources available through EXCEL are here to guide you in uncovering your specific areas of interest. Below you will find an outline of the five phases you need to do in order to successfully plan, apply, verify, register, and complete an academic Internship. EXCEL staff are available to help you through each step and ensure that you are ready to go. 

Phase 1: Plan Ahead  Review your eligibility and timeline with your Academic Advisor.
Phase 2: Search and Apply Locate Internships 
Phase 3: Formalize Internship Have your Site Supervisor verify the position for EXCEL to review
Phase 4: Request an Experience  Fill out your learning agreement in Handshake 
Phase 5: Complete  Submit all required Internship hours and course work
Video Resources Explanations of the phases above 

Who To Contact for More Information 

Dr. Jessica Harris, Faculty Sponsor

Tina Cooper, Internship Coordinator for the SUNY Oswego Campus

EXCEL Office

Internship Journey Highlights 

Fadi Gaye has interned in SUNY Downstate Medical Center's Office of Diversity Education and Research and volunteered at Oswego Hospital as part of her preparation to work in the medical field.

Fadi Gaye '21, -- Interned at SUNY Downstate Medical Center's Office of Diversity Education and Research. She also volunteered at Oswego Hospital as part of her preparation to work in the medical field

Writing on wipe board

David Amponsem '22--As a Wellness Coach intern at SUNY Oswego, he collaborated with first-year students in HSC 162: THRIVE!, where his primary focus was applying evidence-based strategies to enhance the well-being of the participants

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