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IST rubric

The format of the paper must be the same as stated in the syllabus: 12 point Times (or Times Roman) font, 1-inch margins, double spaced. Failure to do so will result in a reduction in grade for the paper.

Summary paragraph (1 paragraph)

3 points possible




Concise, Concrete and Precise
        States the main idea(s) of the program                      


        May state the main idea, but is not concrete or concise


        Contains only information that could have been gotten from the program description on the IST calendar

        Contains no information about the program at all



Has 2 or fewer spelling and/or grammatical mistakes

         •   3 to 5 sentences in length


       •  More than 2 spelling and/or grammatical mistakes


Question Paragraphs (2 paragraphs total)

6 points possible for each paragraph-12 total points possible


Answers the Question:

   Concise, Concrete and Precise
        •   Uses examples from the program that relate to the question.
      •   Example(s) accurately reflects program and question     
         Details from program are accurate. 
         Shows reflective thinking 


         Uses examples relating to the program but explanation is unclear, or does not completely relate to the question
         Details from the program are accurate


         Explanation is unclear
         Examples are unclear    



         Answer does not relate to the question
         Explanation or example missing
         Paragraph does not reflect the program



         Paragraph is missing
         Answer does not address any of the syllabus questions




         Has 2 or fewer spelling and/or grammatical mistakes
         At least 6 sentences in length    



         Has more than two, but less than 5 spelling and/or grammatical mistakes
         Has less than 6 sentences



      •    Paragraph missing
      •    More than 5 spelling and/or grammatical mistakes