Hart Study Abroad Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to help enrich students' study abroad experiences and to have those students come back to Hart Global Living and Learning Center to enrich the education of their fellow peers upon return.   PLEASE NOTE:  This money cannot be used to defray the costs of the established programs (e.g., airfare, books, housing).  It is intended to fund additional cultural experiences that the resident might otherwise be unable to afford.   To make sure that you are qualified for the $500 scholarship, please read the list of requirement below before filling out the application:  

  • Approved to study abroad by the office of international education and programs (www.oswegoabroad.com)
  • Letter of recommendation from Graduate Resident Mentor or someone in a supervisor position affiliated with Hart Hall
  • Resume
  • Reside at Hart GLLC with minimum residency of a least one year
  • Study period for which you are applying is one semester or longer
  • Agree to present an IST program on your experiences upon return

  The deadline for the application is November 1st and it is to be handed in at the front desk of Hart Hall. The deadline is final and late applications will not be accepted. Download application.