Hart Global Living & Learning Center International Study Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to enrich students’ study abroad experiences. Recipients are expected to share insights about their time overseas with their peers as part of the Hart Hall Global Living & Learning Community’s IST program. Applicants are eligible for a scholarship of up to $1,000 USD based on the guidelines below. Please review the following list of requirements. Additional materials as indicated below should be submitted along with your completed application:

  • You must be approved to study abroad by SUNY Oswego’s Office of International Education & Programs (oswego.edu/international/education-abroad) or by another SUNY institution;
  • You should obtain one letter of recommendation from a Graduate Resident Mentor (GRM) orsomeone else in a supervisory position affiliated with Hart Hall (ex. FRM, FRD, Hall Director);
  • You should submit your resume/CV along with your application;
  • In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must 1) currently reside in Hart Hall and 2) you must have lived there for at least two consecutive semesters prior to your intended departure date;
  • You must agree to present one IST program on your experience abroad during the first semester that you return to SUNY Oswego. If you are applying for a full-year study abroad program, then you should agree to present two different IST programs upon your return

The length of your study abroad program dictates the amount of funding that you are eligible for:

  • Program of 10 to 29 days in length = $300.00
  • Program of 30 days to one semester in length = $500.00
  • Program that lasts two consecutive semesters = $1,000.00

The completed application and supplementary materials should be submitted to the Hart Hall Faculty Resident Director (FRD). All deadlines are final and late applications will not be accepted. If you have questions, please contact the FRD Joe Stabb at hart-ist@oswego.edu or stop by the office at 120 Hart Hall.

Sincerely, The Hart Hall Scholarship Committee

  • The deadline for the application for Fall 2020 semester is August 15, 2020 and is to be emailed to FRD Joe Stabb at hart-ist@oswego.edu.
  • The deadline for the application for Spring 2020 semester is November 1, 2020 and is to be emailed to FRD Joe Stabb at hart-ist@oswego.edu.

The deadline is final and late applications will not be accepted.

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