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SUNY Oswego offers the only online Health and Wellness advanced certificate program in Central New York and within the SUNY system. The program welcomes post-baccalaureate students and practitioners in the fields of nursing, fitness, counseling, insurance, human development and physical education.

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What you will study: 

Learn to assess personal health risk factors, understand theories of behavior change and develop wellness plans to promote well-being. The program offers experiential and academic opportunities to study health and wellness based on the growing awareness of mind, body, and spirit interactions.

  • HSC 510 - Mind-Body Wellness, credit: 3
  • HSC 512 - Healthy Weight Management, credit: 3
  • HSC 514 - Wellness and Addictions, credit: 3
  • HSC 520 - Health Behavior Change Process, credit: 3

Read full curriculum in the 2017-2018 Graduate Catalog.

They’ve had to drive mindfully, exercise mindfully, eat mindfully. They’ve been asked to meditate and really just reduce distractions in their lives.
Dr. Sandy Bargainnier, Department Chair

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Learning outcomes: 

With a growing need for health professionals, this career advancement program provides a rich training experience for graduate students and professionals in a variety of health related service fields.

Fitness Trainer

Health Promotion

Employee Development

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