Festa fellowship helps student travel across the pond

One Festa fellowship has helped a student travel across the pond to a “post Punk apocalyptic” draft brewery.

Gina Sherwood, a central New York native in the art master’s program with a graphic design emphasis, was awarded a Festa fellowship for the summer at the BrewDog brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland.

Sherwood worked as a graphic designer in Scotland for international company, BrewDog

Although Sherwood has only been at BrewDog for a few weeks, she’s been involved in “anything and everything,” she said. Her responsibilities range from coordinating a television segment about the brand for BBC to creating and reformatting artwork for the company and even serving as a brand representative.

“I love it. I feel challenged, but not overwhelmed,” Sherwood said. “Sometimes, I can’t believe I am here.”

Sherwood’s other roles include sitting in on quarterly sales meetings, visiting new breweries, sourcing different props for a video shoot and working at the Taste of Edinburgh festival.

“The company is thriving and expanding, so it is exciting to be a part of and contribute to something this gigantic and wonderful,” Sherwood said.

Sherwood first heard about BrewDog through a series on BBC that studied different places of drink in France, California and the United Kingdom.

“From there I began to research the company’s Internet presence, business model and products,” she said. “I’ve been following them ever since.”

Although Sherwood raved about her experience at Taste of Edinburgh, she can’t pick a favorite moment since she traveled to Scotland.

“The fellowship has given me everything. For the first time in my life I am at a job where I feel respected, valued and able to utilize all of my skills.”
Gina Sherwood, '12
Graduate, Art

Valued, respected, challenged

“Honestly, I can’t really pick a favorite experience because they just keep coming,” she said. “British GQ called for me the other day! It was pretty awesome.”

BrewDog has bars located throughout the United Kingdom from Manchester and Camden in England to Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. Sherwood is stationed in Fraserburgh, Scotland where the brewery is located.

Sherwood was grateful to BrewDog for being so accommodating after she explained her interest in the company.

“I contacted the company with my resume, they responded and began to work with me in such a way where I could write my proposal and the rest is history,” Sherwood said.

The Festa fellowship allowed Sherwood to travel abroad for the first time.

“The fellowship has given me everything,” she said. “For the first time in my life I am at a job where I feel respected, valued and able to utilize all of my skills.”

Sherwood came to SUNY Oswego after earning her bachelor’s degree in design at Buffalo State. It was the direction of the program that attracted her to the central New York school.

“The graphic design program at Oswego has allowed me to take advantage of many opportunities I would have never thought possible,” Sherwood said.

Sherwood is expected to graduate with her master’s degree in December 2012, but she hopes the connections she made through her Festa fellowship will help her pursue a career with BrewDog in the future.

“I’m hoping [this opportunity] will last as long as possible,” she said. “I think I found my dream job.”