Educational Leadership, Adv. Crt.

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May 21, 2018

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Join a network of over 1,000 district level leaders that have earned their certification from SUNY Oswego. This networking provides strong mentoring and a broad understanding of diverse leadership practices from multiple perspectives.

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What you will study: 

Deepen your knowledge of school administration, collaborative problem-solving abilities and commitment to providing visionary leadership to schools. The program will also teach you to explore the critical issues in education today and prepare you to direct school improvement toward higher levels of student learning and achievement.

  • EAD 601 - Fundamentals of Administration, credit: 6
  • EAD 610 - School Principalship, credit: 6
  • EAD 641 - Supervision: Improvement of Instruction, credit: 3
  • EAD 695 - Internship for Building and District Leaders, credit: 3

Read full curriculum in the 2017-2018 Graduate Catalog.

Our students in the educational Leadership program can make a major impact. One effective leader may impact a thousand students and 150 teachers.
Angella Perrotto, Department Chair

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Learning outcomes: 

As a graduate of this program, you are eligible for School Building Leader and School District Level New York State certification. Oswego students commonly find jobs within one year of their graduation as a result of our intensive intern process and the hands-on, problem-solving experience in partnering schools. Past graduates have taken positions such as: principal, superintendent, staff development specialist, curriculum director, special education director, technology coordinator, athletic director and assistant superintendent, among others.

School Principal

School District Superintendent

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Admission Requirements: 
Official transcript
Submit an official transcript showing confirmation of a bachelor's or master’s degree/advanced certificate. This includes any transcripts showing graduate-level coursework or post-baccalaureate degrees/certificates. Official transcripts must be sent directly from granting institution (electronic or mail). If you are a SUNY Oswego alum, your transcript will be automatically requested after entering your student ID and identifying SUNY Oswego as your school on the application.
GPA of at least 3.0
A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better is required for applicants. (Applicants with a GPA below 3.0 are welcome to apply, but should explain in the purpose statement what skills and experiences you will bring to the program or any special circumstances that affected your GPA.) If you have questions regarding your GPA, please speak to the department advisor for further information.
Master’s degree
Your official transcript must indicate that you have earned your master’s degree from an accredited university.
Professional NYSED Certification
Individuals will satisfy the Professional NYSED Certification requirement after successfully completing a graduate teaching education program from an accredited institution, and obtaining a master’s or higher degree program in their specialization or related field or in any area as long as the individual has completed 12 hours of study in their specialization. Results must be submitted to the department before the completion of your enrolled semester.
Purpose statement
Indicate your purpose for applying to SUNY Oswego for graduate education. What inspired you to apply? How will this impact your life? Identify any particular interests within the program area, discuss your future career goals, and provide any additional information which may be of help in evaluating your application.
Include a professional resume or CV that includes your academic history, professional background and any accomplishments of note. This document should provide details that support your admittance to the program.
Two letters of recommendation
Indicate two names with valid email addresses. An email request will be sent directly to the references on your behalf. These references should be able to speak to your character, work ethic and abilities. (At least one of these recommendations must be from your school district.)
Application fee
Prospective students are charged a non-refundable $65 fee for processing the application.