Faculty members

Global and international studies is an interdisciplinary program, with faculty members from various departments on campus teaching approved courses. The program is coordinated by the GLS Governing Board, which consists of the concentrate coordinators and representatives from participating academic departments. Advisement duties are handled by the GLS director and concentrate coordinators.

Dr. Lisa Glidden Political Science  Lisa.Glidden@oswego.edu
Dr. Joseph Alessia Modern Language & Literatures  
Dr. David Andrews Economics 
Dr. Said Atri Economics said.atri@oswego.edu (Global Economy)
Dr. Robert Auler Music   
Dr. Lindsay Bell Anthropology
Dr. Kestutis Bendinskas Chemistry  
Dr. Eric Blanchard Political Science
Dr. Lyn Blanchfield History  
Dr. Tim Braun Chemistry  
Dr. Yoshiko Butler Modern Language & Literatures  
Ms. Charlotte Cartwright History  
Dr. Evelyn Clark-Benavides Sociology
Dr. Pamela Cox Marketing/Management  
Dr. Fehmi Damkaci Chemistry  
Dr. Amy D'Angelo History  
Dr. Arvind Diddi Communications Studies  
Dr. Ana Djukic-Cocks Modern Languages & Literatures  
Dr. Cristina Dragomir Political Science
Dr. Ann Edwards Marketing/Management  
Dr. Joseph Finnan History   
Dr. Lenuta Giukin Modern Language & Literatures  
Dr. Lisa Glidden Political Science 

lisa.glidden@oswego.edu (global politics and global sustianiablity)

Dr. Leonardo Hernandez History leonardo.hernandez@oswego.edu (Latin America)
Dr. Christine Hirsch Communications Studies  
Dr. Ching Hsiao Modern Language & Literatures  
Dr. M N Jayawardane English neelika.jayawardane@oswego.edu (global culture)
Dr. Taejin Jung Communications Studies  
Dr. Raihan Khan Marketing/Management  
Dr. David King History   
Dr. Mark Kulikowski History  
Dr. Alok Kumar Physics   
Dr. John LaLande Modern Language & Literatures  
Dr. Lisa Langlois Art   
Dr. Thomas Larson Library  
Dr. Jing Lei Anthropology  
Dr. Tracy Lewis Modern Language & Literatures  
Dr. Milton Loayza Modern Language & Literatures  
Dr. Chris Mack History  
Dr. Larry Maher Marketing/Management  
Ms. Holly Mann History  
Dr. Joshua McKeown International Edu. & Program  
Dr. Sarfraz Mian Marketing/Management  
Ms. Patricia Michel History   
Dr. William Murphy History  
Dr. Karen Nicholas History


Dr. David Owens Public Justice  
Dr. Ming-te Pan History mingte.pan@oswego.edu (Asia)
Dr. Gregory Parsons History   
Dr. Juan Perdiguero Art  
Dr. Tania Ramalho Curriculum & Instruction  
Dr. Casey Raymond Chemistry   
Dr. Stephen Rosow Political Science   
Dr. Jeffery Schneider Chemistry  
Dr. Ken Shaw Marketing/Management  
Dr. Richard Skolnik Marketing/Management  
Dr. Allen Stagl Modern Languages & Literatures  
Dr. Eric Tsai Marketing/Management  
Dr. Uyilawa Usuanlele History uyilawa.usuanlele@oswego.edu (Africa)
Dr. Hong Wan Marketing/Management  
Dr. Craig Warkentin Political Science   
Dr. Georgina Whittingham Modern Languages & Literature  
Dr. Murat Yasar History murat.yasar@oswego.edu (Asia)