Degree programs

The global and international studies major provides students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program of study. Its aim is to allow students to pursue a particular focus on the global political economy, international relations, global culture and communication, or a particular region or country while giving them a comprehensive understanding of the structure and institutions of an increasingly global world.

The aim of the global and international studies minor is to allow students to explore the global political economy, international relations, global culture and communication, and/or a particular region or country while offering them an interdisciplinary introduction to the structure and institutions of an increasingly global world.

COMBINED BA/MIA with Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, University at Albany (SUNY) – Master of International Affairs

The Combined BA/MIA program between SUNY Oswego and the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at SUNY’s University at Albany gives outstanding undergraduate students the opportunity to join Rockefeller's MIA program before graduation from SUNY Oswego.

The Advantages

For selected students, admission to Rockefeller College is typically at the end of the junior year. Accepted students can earn up to 12 credits through Rockefeller College that count for both their undergraduate degree from SUNY Oswego and for their graduate degree from Albany. This arrangement makes it possible for students to finish the MIA in about one-and-a-half years (instead of two). The combined program results in significant monetary savings. By finishing a semester early, students will save a full semester of tuition and fees toward their MIA.

Why a Master's in International Affairs?

An MIA allows students to develop a wide range of job possibilities. Rockefeller College graduates are prepared for careers in international nonprofit organizations, governments, for-profit organizations that coordinate with the public sector. Graduates work in roles that support multi-national cooperation related to global commerce, environmental policy, humanitarian aid, violent conflict, security and intelligence, and economic development.

The MIA offers electives in: Diplomacy and Global Governance; Global Public Management; Global and Homeland Security; International Development Administration; and Information Technology Policy & Management.  

Further, students in these programs can take advantage of Rockefeller College's strategic location in Albany to participate in an internship in a nonprofit organization, government agency, or legislative office. Rockefeller College's Office of Career Development can also assist students who wish to pursue internships, and careers, outside of the Capital Region. There are ample internship opportunities in New York City, Washington DC as well as abroad! In addition to access to a variety of internship areas, 85% of Rockefeller College's students receive paid internships.

Access to Rockefeller College's Office of Career Development is another advantage of the combined program. The College boasts extremely high job placement rates, with over 90% of graduates employed or pursuing further study one year after graduation. The Career Development staff is dedicated to students' success.


The combined BA/MIA program is highly competitive. To apply, students must have completed at least 56 credit hours towards their undergraduate degree, but have at least 12 credit hours remaining in their undergraduate program. In addition, applicants must have a minimum 3.3 cumulative grade point average (GPA) for consideration in the program and must have completed at least two quantitative courses (with a grade of B or higher). (Feel free to include examples of quant courses from your curriculum.) The BA/MIA program is open to all majors and is especially well suited for majors in Political Science and International Studies and those considering law school. Interested students should contact the BA/MIA Faculty Advisor Prof. Glidden or Prof. Rosow at SUNY Oswego.

Application Timeline

The BA/MIA application has two stages. First, you must apply for a nomination by the Global and International Studies Advisory Board . Second, if nominated, you must apply for admission to Rockefeller College.

Most applicants will apply for the combined BA/MIA program near the end of their junior year. Most admitted students will complete their undergraduate coursework (or all but 12 elective upper division hours of coursework) during the fall of their senior year and begin graduate study at Rockefeller College (in Albany or online) during the spring semester. Students should discuss their personal timeline with Prof. Glidden or Prof. Rosow and the academic advisor for their major before applying.

  • April 1st - Nomination materials due to Prof. Glidden
  • April 15th - Nomination review completed by SUNY Oswego
  • May 1st - Applications due to the Rockefeller's BA/MIA program
  • May 15th - Admissions decisions sent to students.
  • End of May – BA/MIA Meet and Greet with Faculty and Staff at Rockefeller

Nomination Checklist

  • Two letters of recommendation (1 must be from faculty at SUNY Oswego
  • 1-to-2-page statement of background and goals
  • Resume

For more details about the nomination process, please contact the Faculty Advisor at SUNY Oswego, Lisa Glidden or Stephen Rosow.

Instructions for the Statement of Background and Goals:

In a 1–2-page double-spaced essay, state your reason for undertaking graduate study in International Affairs. Convey how graduate study enhances your career plans. Also, discuss any substantial accomplishments, either collegiate, professional, or in the community, which cannot be inferred through other areas of your application. Finally, explicitly talk about your area of interest, such as nonprofit management or diplomacy, as this information directly impacts your advisor assignment if accepted to the public administration program.

Contact information

Jaclyn Napoleon, Coordinator of Graduate Admissions & Student Services at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy

Lisa Glidden, Director of Global and International Studies at SUNY Oswego

Stephen Rosow, Professor of Political Science at SUNY Oswego