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Computer and Information Literacy waiver exam

Any student may elect to take the waiver exam for computer and information literacy that is given at least once a semester. No student may take a waiver exam more than once.

Exam schedules

Computer and information literacy (2 parts)
The waiver exam consists of two parts, (Part I) an assessment of your computer literacy and (Part II) an evaluation of your information literacy. You must complete and pass both Parts I and II to receive the waiver. For more information call the Computer Science Department at 312-2367 or email

Part I  Computer literacy
Date:  Sunday January 24, 2016
Time:  4:00-5:00 pm
Location:  444 Shineman Center (4th floor)
Part I is for new and returning students who have not previously taken the exam.  To register for Part I, email your name, ID#, and major to

Exam results will be available through the Computer Science Department

Part II  Information literacy
  Part II of the exam is only open to students who pass Part I.

Students wishing to enroll must email, by 4 p.m., Friday, February 5, 2016. 
Include your full name and Oswego ID number.
The deadline line for complete the workshop online is Friday, February 12, 2016.
The library workshop is available online through the library's website.