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Writing (basic communication)3
Foreign language (to 102 level)0-6
Natural science3
World awareness- courses are organized in the following groups: World Awareness- Fine and Performing Arts, World Awareness- Humanities, World Awareness- Natural Sciences, World Awareness- Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Student choice: select from four or more categories15
Natural sciences
Social and behavioral sciences
American history
Western civilization
Fine and performing arts
World awareness- a different course and group from that already completed above
Elective - Any approved GE course at 200-level or above if necessary*0-3
Critical thinkingInfused in major
Computer and information literacyInfused in major
Advanced expository writing (5 courses designated by major department or program including at least one that emphasizes oral communication skills)
Total credits30-33

*Needed to reach the required 30 hours only when specific requirements are met without credit-bearing coursework. Most commonly, this applies when the foreign language requirement is met with high school coursework.

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Double dipping in GE21 is prohibited
No course can be used by a student to fulfill more than one general education category.

Transfer Students beginning at SUNY Oswego in fall 2013 or later
The SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER) is 30 credit hours and completion of at least seven out of 10 SUNY-GER categories; two of the categories must be writing and mathematics. Transfer students having completed the SUNY-GER at a previous institution (or institutions) are exempt from all of Oswego's specific general education requirements. Upon acceptance at Oswego, these transfer students will have completed General Education at Oswego.  

Transfer students with an associate's degree from a SUNY unit (AA, AS or AAS) but without having completed the SUNY-GER are required to complete the Oswego General Education program. These students may fulfill the foreign language requirement with an approved 101-level foreign language course.