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Computer and information literacy infusion plans

Computer and information literacy infusion plans by major: note bold indicates that the plan is not yet approved by the General Education Council.

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
American studiesCognate: approved C&IL course
AnthropologyInfused in ANT courses
Applied mathematical economicsCognate: approved C&IL course
Applied mathematicsInfused in major requirements
BiochemistryInfused in CHE courses
BiologyInfused in BIO/ZOO courses
ChemistryInfused in CHE courses
Cinema and screen studiesInfused in CSS courses
Cognitive scienceInfused in major requirements
Computer scienceInfused in CSC courses
Creative writingCognate: approved C&IL course
EconomicsCognate: approved C&IL course
Electrical and computer engineeringInfused in ECE courses
EnglishCognate: approved C&IL course
FrenchCognate: approved C&IL course
GeochemistryInfused in GEO/CHE courses
GeologyInfused in major requirements
GermanCognate: approved C&IL course
Global and international studiesCognate: approved C&IL course
HistoryCognate: approved C&IL course
Human developmentInfused in HDV courses
Information scienceInfused in major requirements
Language and international tradeCognate: approved C&IL course
LinguisticsInfused in LIN courses
MathematicsInfused in major requirements
MeteorologyInfused in MET courses
PhilosophyInfused in PHL courses-plan returned for revision
Philosophy-psychologyPlan not yet submitted
Physics Infused in PHY courses
Political scienceCognate: approved C&IL course
PsychologyInfused in PSY courses
Public justiceInfused in PBJ courses
SociologyCognate: approved C&IL course
Software engineeringInfused in CSC courses
SpanishCognate: approved C&IL course
Women's studiesCognate: approved C&IL course
Zoology Infused in BIO/ZOO courses
School of Business
Business administrationCognate: approved C&IL course
FinanceCognate: approved C&IL course
Human resource managementCognate: approved C&IL course
Management accountingCognate: approved C&IL course
MarketingCognate: approved C&IL course
Operations managementCognate: approved C&IL course
Public accountingCognate: approved C&IL course
Risk managementCognate: approved C&IL course
School of Communication, Media & the Arts
ArtInfused in ART courses
BroadcastingInfused in BRC courses
CommunciationInfused in COM courses
JournalismInfused in JLM courses
MusicCognate: approved C&IL course
Public relationsInfused in COM courses
TheaterCognate: approved C&IL course
School of Education
Counseling & psychological servicesN/A
Curriculum and instructionCognate: approved C&IL course
Educational administrationN/A
Health promotion and wellnessInfused in HPW courses
TechnologyInfused in TEL courses
Vocational teacher preparationCognate: approved C&IL course