Wellness Coaching at SUNY Oswego

Welcome! SUNY Oswego is now offering Wellness Coaching services to our student body.

To sign-up, please email brian.wallace@oswego.edu

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching takes your health and wellness based goals and turns them into action. You will learn how to harness your strengths to work towards building your best self. A coach will work with you to create goals, overcome barriers and move towards achieving a higher level of personal well-being. Commonly discussed topics include exercise adherence, stress management, proper sleep, time management and healthy eating.

Is Wellness Coaching right for me?

College provides many opportunities for personal growth through academic classes and a multitude of extracurricular activities. Navigating through these opportunities is challenging and we tend to overlook our own personal health. Maybe you start the semester with a certain goal (exercise more, procrastinate less, eat better etc.) but struggle sticking with that goal when the demands of college life take over. If you find that you want to improve areas of heath but struggle to change, then let a wellness coach help you create an individualized action plan for success. No matter where you are in you personal wellness journey, a wellness coach can help direct you forward.

What is the difference between Wellness Coaching and Counseling?

Although there are parallels between counseling and coaching, distinct differences exist between the two services. Counseling services are administered by licensed mental health professionals who support students by providing effective treatment for mental health concerns. Wellness coaching is a non-clinical service that focus on enhancing areas of wellness through empowering conversations about strengths and goals. Wellness coaches believe the student is the expert so they can make the decisions that are most appropriate for their preferred outcomes. Counseling staff collect information about the student and their concerns and work with them to decide how to best address them. Counseling is also private and confidential whereas coaching is private only.

What does the process of wellness coaching look like?

  • You will fill out a brief intake form and an initial wellness assessment.
  • The first appointment will be about 45-60 minutes. This meeting will consist of developing a wellness vision and creating a few long- and short-term goals.
  • Follow up meetings occur weekly or biweekly and will be 20-30 minutes. These meetings will focus on creating and modifying short-term goals, celebrating successes and creating plans to overcome challenges.
  • The coach and client will figure out together when to end the coaching sessions. 
  • Due to current campus restrictions, all meetings will take place over Zoom.

Who are the wellness coaches?

Brian Wallace - Brian oversees the operations of the campus fitness centers and is an adjunct instructor with the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness. He has a M.S. in exercise physiology and is a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Amy Bidwell. Dr. Bidwell is a full-time Associate Professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness at SUNY Oswego.  She received her M.S. and PhD from Syracuse University in Exercise Physiology and Science Education with a research emphasis in metabolic nutrition, physical in activity and disease progression. Dr. Bidwell teaches nutrition, exercise physiology and wellness and has a strong interest in wellness coaching.

Both Brian and Amy are certified Wellness Coaches through WellCoaches.

Is there a cost to wellness coaching?

No, it is free for students

How do I sign-up?

Just fill out the form below. Please email brian.wallace@oswego.edu if you have any additional questions.

Start your journey to better health and happiness today!