Events and programs

The Fitness Centers offer a variety of exciting events and programs throughout the academic year. Events change from year to year and below are a sample of some of the programs we have had in the past. Program dates and times are posted at the Fitness Centers.

Yoga by the Lake and Lakeside Yoga 

To kick-off the fall semester, the Fitness Centers hold Yoga by the Lake!  Come relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Ontario!  The Fitness Centers also offer a weekly Lakeside Yoga class in Riggs Hall main lounge, 

The Great Pumpkin Run 

The Fitness Centers host a 5K campus fun run during the month of October. The 5K course takes place around campus and is open to all members of the campus community. This year's event takes place Friday, October 22 at 4:30 pm. You can register for the event here. Please check out our flyer for more information.

Grit N' Wit

Grit & Wit Image

At Grit ‘N Wit you have the opportunity to try something different. To push yourself physically and mentally. To overcome challenges and obstacles. And help your teammates accomplish the same. Prove that you really are the total package, grit and wit. We hope to bring the event back to campus in the future.

Fitness and Weight Loss Incentive Programs

Over the years, the Fitness Center has offered incentive programs in the spring semester to help get you back on track with your health and fitness. Previous events included the Biggest Loser, Wellness and Health Incentive Program and Fit in 5. 

Group Exercise Rewards Program

This incentive program, which takes place every spring semester, rewards you for attending group exercise classes.  For each class you attend, one stamp is added to your stamp card.  After attending ten classes, stamp cards can be turned in for a prize. You may complete up to four stamp cards to win four different prizes! 

 Bench Press Competition 

Bench Press

Each spring semester the Fitness Centers hold their annual bench press competition. This event is open to the entire campus community and is a great way to not only show off some strength but also get to know some fellow weight lifters. Prizes are available to winners of each weight class for both men and women divisions. An overall winner is also determined based on body weight and amount of weight lifted. Click the following link for the Bench Press Competition Rules. The next Bench Press Competition will take place Friday, February 25th at 4:00 pm in Swetman gym, Pre-register here

Group Exercise Marathon

The Fitness Centers also holds an group exercise marathon right before Spring Break. This event is open to the entire campus community and is a great way to spend your day exercising and mingling with fellow fitness enthusiasts. The marathon itself consists of 5-6 back to back group exercise classes. Participants can come and go as they please throughout the day. Food and beverages are provided and various prizes are raffled off throughout the event.  Full schedule and other information here.

Color Oswego 

Color Run Image

In collaboration with Campus Recreation and the The Care Network,  the Fitness Center hosts Color Oswego. Color Oswego is a 1.5 mile fun run where participants get powdered color thrown on them as they run through the course. Check out the fun by viewing this video.. There is a $5 charge to participate in the color run and can be paid online after you register. 

Beach Volleyball Tournaments

Beach Volleyball Image

The Fitness Center hosts two beach volleyball tournaments within the academic year. The Labor Day Beach Volleyball Tournament is part opening week of events on campus. The Spring Beach Volleyball tournament typically takes place torwards the end of the spring semester and has a 16 team limit. Registration for this event occurs at the front desk of the Fitness Centers. Both tournaments are co-rec and single elimination have a single elimination format abd begin at 11:00 am and run throughout the day.

1000 lb. & 500 lb. Club


The purpose of the 1000 lbs. and 500 lbs. clubs is to acknowledge the physical achievement and dedication to training of fitness center members. To become a “member” of the club, one must perform one repetition of a Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. After all 3 lifts are successfully completed, the total weight lifted is added up. To be a member of the 500 lb. club (women only), the total weight lifted must 500 lbs or greater. To be a member of the 1000 lb. club (open), the total weight lifted must be 1000 lbs or greater. All members of the club will receive a t‐shirt and have their names listed on the fitness center website. Read more here on how to participate. 

Residence Hall Programming

Throughout the year, the fitness center staff tries to visit each of the residence halls. At these programs, the staff presents on various fitness and nutrition topics such as:

  • A practical guide to exercise
  • Ways to avoid the freshman 15
  • Designing your Wellness Vision 
  • Total body workout in the comfort of your room           
  • Zumba Class
  • Yoga Class
  • Musicle Toning Class

*If you are interested in seeing a program in your residence hall, please contact your RA.

Other Events and Programs

  • Seminars/workshops
  • After Dark Fitness Classes (Candlelight Yoga, Nite Rider, Blacklight Zumba & Broga)
  • One Step Closer
  • Mental Health and Wellness Awareness Fair
  • Zumbathon
  • Mindfulness Yoga with Steve
  • #iamoswegofit giveaways
  • Carve it out group exercise incentive program