Starfish Early Alert System

What is Starfish?

Starfish is a collaborative effort between instructors and advisors at SUNY Oswego to ensure students success and persistence for pilot students.

Starfish is a Student Success Company that believes a campus community engaged with students will lead to student's success. It helps with identifying students at risk and offering information on where they can connect with help. There are different pieces of the Starfish Early Alert System. SUNY Oswego currently uses both the Early Alert and Connect pieces to identify students and allow faculty and staff to communicate and track interventions with the students.

How do I get into Starfish?
  • Starfish is located in Blackboard and myOswego.
    • Blackboard: Log into using your Lakernet ID and password. and you will find Starfish in the middle of the home screen.
    • myOswego: In the Advisor menu, enter an individual student's profile, you will see a link for starfish on the left navigation bar.
  • How to Login and set-up your profile
How do I find students and student information in Starfish?
What alerts (flags and kudos) can I raise and how do I do it?
How do I close the Loop?
What is the First Year Advisement Student Intake Survey?
  • The Student Intake Survey in Starfish was created to replace the CSI (College Student Inventory).  The information will be useful for the First Year Advisor’s second meeting with advisees.  
  • The Intake Surveys are made available to all students, but the advisor will need to invite the students to complete the intake as well as send them instructions.
  • A copy of the questions is available for you to preview.
  • Please note. The part of the instructions about setting up appointments with the advisor is only applicable if you set up this feature on your Starfish profile.
  • Once the student completes the survey, it can be found by clicking the info tab in each student’s profile.  Just click on the student’s name.
How do I respond to a Progress Survey?
  • Video Tutorial: Responding to a Progress Survey
  • There is 1 Progress Survey per semester (It is open between the 4th and 7th week of the semester)
  • Make sure to click "submit"  after the survey is completed, or you will continue to get email reminders about completing the survey.
  • Once a Progress Survey has been submitted, it cannot be revised or reset. If you have concerns after a Progress Survey closes or has been submitted, you can raise a flag manually. If you need help, please see links for Raising an Alert.
  • Zoom In Function can be used for larger courses who are using the gradebook in Blackboard.
Browser / Connection Issues?
  • Starfish operates best in Mozilla Firefox. If you are having issues with starfish or receiving error messages, try switching browsers.
  • If you are using Safari and having issues follow this Trouble-shooting guide.
  • There are some issues with blocking/enabling cookies. To determine if you browser compatibility it where it is upposed to be, visit the Open SUNY Compatibility Help link.

Faculty Resources

Oswego Faculty Starfish Guide 

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