Starfish Early Alert System

Starfish FAQs

What is Starfish?

How do I get into Starfish?

  • Starfish is now located in Blackboard and myOswego.
    • Blackboard:  Log into using your Lakernet ID and password. and you will find Starfish in the middle of the home screen.
    • myOswego:  In the Advisor menu, enter an individual student's profile, you will see a link for starfish on the left navigation bar. 
  • Starfish log in and profile set up

How do I update my Starfish Profile?

How do I add office hours?

How Do I Connect My Google Calendar?

How do I find students and student information in Starfish?

What alerts (flags and kudos) can I raise and how do I do it?

How do I close the Loop?

What is the First Year Advisement Student Intake Survey?

  • The Student Intake Survey in Starfish was created to replace the CSI (College Student Inventory).  The information will be useful for the First Year Advisor’s second meeting with advisees.  
  • The Intake Surveys are made available to all students, but the advisor will need to invite the students to complete the intake as well as send them instructions.
  • A copy of the questions is available for you to preview.
  • Please note. The part of the instructions about setting up appointments with the advisor is only applicable if you set up this feature on your Starfish profile.
  • Once the student completes the survey, it can be found by clicking the info tab in each student’s profile.  Just click on the student’s name.

How do I respond to a Progress Survey?

  • Responding to a Progress Survey
  • There is 1 Progress Survey per semester (It is open between the 4th and 7th week of the semester)
  • Make sure to click "submit"  after the survey is completed, or you will continue to get email reminders about completing the survey.
  • Once a Progress Survey has been submitted, it cannot be revised or reset. If you have concerns after a Progress Survey closes or has been submitted, you can raise a flag manually. If you need help, please see links for Raising an Alert.
  • Zoom In Function can be used for larger courses who are using the gradebook in Blackboard.

What browser should I use?

Oswego Faculty Starfish Guide 

Oswego Student Starfish Guide