Special-interest electives

These courses count towards your degree as electives and offer insight into the following areas. 

GST 103 - Exploring Your Strengths

This is a one-credit quarter course that will help you discover and develop your strengths in academics, career and beyond. You will learn more about how your strengths, interests and values align with majors and careers.  For more information, contact Christy Huynh at christy.huynh@oswego.edu  

GST 110 - Life Planning and Career Exploration

This course is for undeclared students only. It helps students explore their interests, strengths and values and apply them to the process of choosing and/or confirming a major. During the course, students will build self-confidence and competency and develop an educational plan that includes the identification of possible career directions.

GST 120 - Leadership in Action

This course provides both a cognitive and experiential base to enhance student knowledge and understanding of the styles, theories and competencies underlying leadership, followership, and trusteeship. Participants will be introduced to many involvement opportunities so they can then engage in the practice of leadership with their peers. As a class, you will explore the Relational Leadership Model and see how everyone is able to participate in leadership, not just those with titles. You will participate in a variety of assessment activities that will help you develop your self-awareness so you can utilize your strengths in leadership relationships