FirstChoice FAQ

Q: What is FirstChoice?

A: FirstChoice is a program that offers first-year students the
opportunity to take a course smaller in size that focuses on the
transition to college, and helps students make connections to faculty
and peers. These courses are offered in different subject areas and
for special interest groups. There is something for everyone!

Q: Who should take a FirstChoice course?

A: All first-year students must take a FirstChoice course.

Q: How do I choose a FirstChoice course?

A: You will make your choice on your information sheet and an advisor
will pre-register you into an appropriate FirstChoice course. Learn
about gateway courses.

You also may have been invited to join theHonors Program or
Student-Athletic Affairs. You will be pre-registered for the
appropriate FirstChoice course.

Preceptor courses and the service-learning courses are open to any
First-Year student, so make your choice based on your interests.

Learning Communities offer a block of courses that a group of 19
students can take together. It allows the students to get to know
each other and the faculty involved which helps them build a cohort of

Q: How is SUNY Oswego's FirstChoice Program different

from freshmen seminar courses at other colleges?

A: Instead of a "one-size-fits-all" course, we offer many different
options for students to learn about services and resources on campus,
get to know a faculty member, and enjoy a small-class setting while
exploring other interests. The courses are all small in size but the
topics of the classes are as varied as our majors and our students'

Q: How do I sign up for a FirstChoice course?

A: Once you officially enroll at SUNY Oswego, you will make your
choice by filling out the information sheet. This will help us
pre-register you for courses before you come to Orientation.

Q: Is FirstChoice a remedial program?

A: Definitely not. Most FirstChoice courses are open to all college
students. FirstChoice promotes transitional support to all students
but many courses such as Honors courses offer opportunities for
students looking for a challenge.

Q: Is FirstChoice a requirement?

A: All first-year students are required to take a FirstChoice course.
A smaller class size allows students to better connect with faculty,
an important element to growth and success.

Q: Can students take more than one FirstChoice course?

A: It is possible to take more than one FirstChoice course, but we
have a limited number of seats and will make sure everyone gets one
before offering additional seats to students. At orientation, if there
are still seats available, students may be able to take another with

Q: Can I take a FirstChoice course in the spring semester?

A: FirstChoice courses are only offered in the fall for incoming first-year students.

Q: I took AP courses and/or courses at a community college during

high school, should I take the preceptor in that subject?

A: You should avoid picking courses that may already be covered by AP
or prior college credit. We have a wonderful variety of other subjects
to choose from!