FirstChoice course descriptions

ART 102

T: Studio Art General

ART 105

Design Concepts 1-2D

ART 210

Drawing I

BIO 110

Biology Seminar

CHE 113

Laboratory (for CHE 111)

CMA 100

Arts and Ideas

COM 210

Critical Thinking/Public Speaking

CRW 206

Introduction to Fiction writing

CRW 208

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing

CSC 212

Principles of Programming and Laboratory

ECO 151

Economics of Gender

EDU 210

History of Education in the U.S. Since 1865

ENG 102

Composition II: Service Learning

ENG 102

Composition II: Cinema and Screen Study Majors

ENG 102

Composition II: Sustainability

ENG 102

Composition II: Adolescent Ed English Majors and English Majors

ENG 150

Principles of Literary Representation

ENG 204

Writing About Literature

ENG 286

Introduction to Cinema and Screen Studies

GST 110

Life Planning and Major Exploration

GST 120

Leadership in Action

HIS 203

History of U.S. Since 1865

HON 140

Western Intellectual Heritage

HON 141

American Intellectual Heritage

JLM 101

History of American Journalism

MAT 102

Found. Math in the Real World

MAT 106

Number Systems and Operations for Childhood Education Majors

MAT 210

Calculus I

MET 210

Meteorology for Science Majors Lab

MGT 110

Gateway to Business

MUS 100

Fundamentals of Music Theory

MUS 110

Introduction to Music Listening

MUS 113

Introduction to Music Lit and History

PBJ 101

Introduction to Criminal Justice

PED 295

Life Skills

PHL 100

Introduction to Problem Philosophy

PHL 205

Ethics I: Introduction to Classical Ethics

PHY 195

Physics Seminar

POL 205

American Government and Politics

PSY 100

Principles of Human Behavior

SOC 100

Introductory Sociology

SPA 102

Continuing Elementary Spanish

TEL 101

Technical and Computer Drafting

THT 110

Introduction to Theater