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Lving and Learning Community FAQ

Q. Will all of my other classes be limited to students in my Living and Learning Community?

A. No. In most cases only the first class in each block is limited to the 19 students. In your other classes you will definitely meet other students.

Q. Why should I participate in a Living and Learning Community?

A. Living and Learning Communities are a great way to connect with students in your major.  Since your classmates live in the same building it is easier to create study groups, work on group projects, and build a support network.

Q. Can I live with a roommate of my choice even if they are not in the Living and Learning Community?

A.  Yes, your roommate does not have to be part of the Living and Learning Community. 

Q. Will I meet other people that are not in my Living and Leaning Community? 

A. Absolutely. Although you live in the same residence hall you won't live on the same floor.  You will actually meet more people because you will know people all throughout the building rather than just your floor!

Q. Can I live in Johnson Hall and be a member of a LLC?

A. No. Each LLC is housed in a specific residence hall and all students in that LLC will live there.

Q. I am an EOP student. Can I belong to a LLC?

A. Yes!

Q. Do I have to take all the classes in the LLC?

A. Yes. The courses are linked in order to allow the students and instructors to integrate the information. But you will have the opportunity to choose the rest of the courses in your schedule for the fall.  This just ensures that you get the classes in your major and gives you preference in the residence hall that the LLC is located.

Q.  It sounds like a good idea but I'm still not quite sure if it is right for me.  Who can I call to find out more?

A.  Contact Michelle Bandla, coordinator of first-year programs 315.312.3068.