Teacher Opportunity Corps(TOC II)

Teacher Recruitment for Urban Schools Today (TRUST)

The 2015 data on the numbers of certified teachers in New York State show that males and ethnic/racial minorities are noticeably underrepresented in the teaching field. Less than 25% of certified teachers in New York State are male (24.1%), and the representation of ethnic and racial minorities constitutes less than 20% collectively (American Indian .2%, Asian 2.6%, African American 8.4%, Latino 7.4%, and Pacific Islander .008%).

The Teacher Opportunity Corps II  is a New York State Education Department grant-funded program that was developed to increase the number of historically underrepresented individuals entering the teaching field.  NYSED's effort is to not only recruit and retain more people from underrepresented groups into the teaching field but by doing so, to help resolve the shortage of teachers who are both qualified and prepared to teach students that have been placed at risk in severely underserved areas.

Oswego State’s School of Education was awarded a five year, $1.63 million grant through the New York State Department of Education to upgrade the Teacher Opportunity Corps program.  The grant will award the School of Education with $325,000 per year for their TOC program.  The year funding through the state's My Brother's Keeper program will more than double the capacity of Oswego's nine-year-old Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) to serve 50 students, from freshmen through graduate school, and to support graduates in their early years of teaching.

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