With Lake Ontario to the north and no shortage of open fields, Oswego’s view of the night sky is second to none. The winter weather makes stargazing less than ideal though. Fortunately, students, faculty and even the general public, can visit the planetarium on Shineman’s second floor. The planetarium holds shows every Sunday at 7 p.m. from September through June. The space regularly comes close to filling the 30 seats available and occasionally reaches its maximum capacity of 49. The planetarium opened in 2013 with the rest of the Shineman Center. The upgraded projector includes an 8” digital fisheye lens connected to a computer system. It can even project traditionally flat images onto the domed ceiling without distortion.

“Without this projector and this software, we’d have a lot less ability to do shows. I’ve been using  this for about 18 months now, designing and doing my own shows and I’ve only scratched the surface.” - Richard Frieman, instructional support technician