Non-Traditional Students in Classroom

Should You Consider PLA?

  • Have you successfully completed workplace or other training programs?

  • Have you earned a professional license or credential?

  • Have you completed military training not evaluated for credit by ACE?

  • Do you have learning that corresponds to college courses?

  • Can you document your college-level learning?

What Is The Process To Earn Credit Through PLA?

The first step is to contact the Assistant Dean in the Division of Extended Learning.  The Dean can advise you if your prior learning might be eligible for college credit.  

How Can PLA Potentially Help Students?

Some students might be able to:
  • Save time. It can possible  shorten the time needed to earn a degree.
  • Save money. Less time to may possibly mean lower tuition costs.
  • Accelerate academic progress. You'll be able to take higher level courses sooner than you otherwise would.