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Congratulations!  Deciding to take a SUNY Oswego course in your high school is one of the best decisions you can make.  You not only have the ability to earn college credit at a reduced cost, you also will prepare yourself for the academic rigor required of college courses. To receive SUNY Oswego credits students must complete the High School Programs online form and pay through this website. Please follow the next steps to ensure you receive credit for your SUNY Oswego in the High Schools Course.



interest form

Complete the SUNY Oswego High School Programs Online Form

The sign up form will be accessible between 8/28/17-10/2/17

Completion of this form lets us know that you are expressing an interest in taking a SUNY Oswego course offered at your lhigh school.  Please check with your high school guidance counselor to confirm course offerings.*

Incomplete and inaccurate forms will not be processed.
*Not all courses are offered at participating high schools.


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Receive a Confirmation Letter from SUNY Oswego  

This will come in the mail (fall 2017) in an envelope marked with a bright yellow sticker.  This letter confirms your course registration and contains additional information that you will need to pay your bill.   Please do not complete step 3 until you are in receipt of this letter.


Register & Pay Online

Pay For Your Course 

You can pay online with Mastercard, Visa, Discover or  American Express. 

Students  with unpaid accounts will be deregistered and will not receive SUNY Oswego credit, only high school credit.  Payments can only be accepted and credit earned during the academic year in which the course was taken. 


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Receive Your Transcript

At the end of the school year (typically in July) SUNY Oswego will mail one official transcript that can be sent to the College or University you will be attending.  You can request additional official transcripts for an additional fee. 

It is up to the receiving institution as to how credit is awarded.  

high school students with instructor

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What is the cost to take a SUNY Oswego In The High School Course?

The program fee is $175 per 3 credit course and $235 per 4 credit course. Students who participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are eligible for a discounted program fee, $85 per 3 credit course and $115 per 4 credit course.  To receive the discounted program fee, students must provide official proof of participation from their school district.  Email documentation to or fax to 315.312.5692. 


Who should I contact at SUNY Oswego if I need more information?  You can contact our High School Programs Coordinator at 315-312-2270 if you need assistance or more information.

How do I know if my high school offers a SUNY Oswego in the High Schools Course?  SUNY Oswego has established many partnerships with high schools across New York State.  You can ask your guidance counselor if your high school offers SUNY Oswego Courses.   It is important to note that not all high schools partner with us.  

If I have previously taken a SUNY Oswego in the High Schools class do I have to fill out the online form (step 1) again?  Yes this is required even if you have taken SUNY Oswego courses in the past. Returning students must create a new login ID and pin as login information does not carry over from the previous year.

Can teachers or parents complete the online form (step 1)?  SUNY Oswego expects that the high school student is the person completing the online form.  The courses are college level and the expectation is that students are experiencing the responsibilities required of higher education.

If I earn college credit through the SUNY Oswego High School Program and would like to attend SUNY Oswego after I graduate do I still need to go through the application process?  Yes, earning credit through SUNY Oswego High School Programs does not mean you will automatically be admitted as a full-time, undergraduate student.  For more information about applying to SUNY Oswegoplease visit our admissions page.

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