How do I register for an online course?
Just like any other course, you will need to go through the Registrar's Office of the campus offering the course. If it is a SUNY Oswego Course, you must register through the SUNY Oswego Registrar's Office, using the same process and calendar as with any course. This pertains to the payment for the course as well.

What is the cost of an online course?
The tuition and fees are the same for an online course as they are for any SUNY Oswego credit-bearing course. The difference in fees is based on whether it is a graduate or undergraduate course.

How do I access an online course?
All SUNY Oswego online courses are offered on Blackboard at

Logging in to Blackboard:
Your user name is called your Laker NetID. For students, your Laker NetID is the first part of your Oswego email address, the name that comes before"" . Check the PeopleSearch directory if you're unsure of your user name and address. Your  password is your Oswego account password that you selected when you activated your email account. 

If you're new to Oswego, you need to activate your Oswego email account first. Activation takes 24 hours.If you need help in determining your user name or password, contact the SUNY Oswego CTS Help Desk: 315.312.3456.  To reset your Laker NetID password or get other help online, visit the CTS orientation page.

When do courses start?
All of Oswego's online courses officially begin the first day of the semester. Most of our online courses are accessible one week prior to the official start date of the semester. This allows you the opportunity to get into the online course and learn how to navigate around Blackboard and the course so you are more familuar and confident once the course begins.

Do I have to be online at a specific time? 
No. SUNY Oswego's online courses are asynchronous. That means you can log onto the web any time that is convenient for you -- morning, noon or night. However, instructors may tell you that you are expected to log on a certain number of times per week (example-3 times/week) and that you need to participate each time you log on (e.g., submit an assignment or participate in the discussion). Each credit-bearing course runs 15 weeks in the fall or spring, and  3, 6, or 12 weeks in the summer. EVERYTHING is done online; there are NO face-to-face meetings.

Am I really part of the class?
Yes. All faculty design the learning experience in a way that challenges you to do your best as an individual; many courses have group activities that build a strong learning community.

How do I get my textbooks if I am from out of the area?
The College Store at  SUNY Oswego will ship books to you. Each course that requires a text will list the required materials in Course Availability at time of registration. There generally is a hotlink and an email address to contact the College Store. If you're requesting books be sent to you, there may be a nominal shipping fee.

How do I know if the course will transfer to my college?
The best thing to do, whether you are transferring a course to or from SUNY Oswego, is to work with an advisor from the college or university from which you intend to graduate. That individual should be able to help you determine whether the course in which you are enrolling meets the requirements for your degree program.

Where do I get the course description?
The easiest way to find SUNY Oswego course descriptions is to check current semester classes offered at the myoswego web site.

Who do I call for more information?
If you have any questions about Online Learning that are not addressed here, please contact the Division of Extended Learning for more details at 315.312.2270 or by email at