New Vision High School Program

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New Vision is a competitive, rigorous, immersion-based program for high school seniors who have an interest in the law and government, health care or business fields.  This program is offered by CiTi  for high school seniors enrolled in Oswego County school districts.  CITI and SUNY Oswego partner to provide New Vision students the ability to earn 12 SUNY Oswego credits by taking a series of college courses at our beautiful lakeside campus.  To receive the college credits, students must enroll and pay a $700 program fee for SUNY Oswego Courses offered through New Vision.   Reduced program fees are not available for SUNY Oswego Courses offered through New Vision.  


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Complete the SUNY Oswego High School Programs Online Form

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Receive a Confirmation Letter from SUNY Oswego  

This will come in the mail (fall 2017) in an envelope marked with a bright yellow sticker.  This letter confirms your course registration and contains additional information that you will need to pay your bill.   Please do not complete step 3 until you are in receipt of this letter.


Register & Pay Online

Pay Your  Program Fee For SUNY Oswego Courses Offered Through New Vision

You can pay online with Mastercard, Visa, Discover or  American Express. 

Students with unpaid accounts will be deregistered and will not receive SUNY Oswego credit.  Payments can only be accepted and credit earned during the academic year in which the course was taken. 


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Receive Your Transcript

At the end of the school year (typically in July) SUNY Oswego will mail one official transcript that can be sent to the College or University you will be attending.  You can request additional official transcripts for an additional fee. 

It is up to the receiving institution as to how or if credit is awarded.