Welcome to the Intensive English Program (IEP) at SUNY Oswego. Our program is designed to help international students make the transition to American academic life through full-time instruction in English as a second language.  If you are an international student seeking to improve your English skills so you can be admitted to SUNY Oswego or you simply wish to improve your English language proficiency we invite you to apply to become part of our community. 

IEP Calendar

ArrivalAugust 21 January 22June 17
Orientation/PlacementAugust 22 - 23 January 23-24June 18-19
Classes BeginAugust 26January 27 July 22
Classes EndDecember 13 May 15 July 31

There are two paths to apply to the SUNY Oswego Intensive English Program.

#1 Seek Conditional Acceptance to SUNY Oswego?

If you are an excellent student and wish to apply to a degree program at SUNY Oswego but need to improve your English skills in order to obtain the necessary TOEFL iBT or IELTS score, — you may be eligible for conditional admission! 

  1. Choose either the 

     Common Application or SUNY Application 

    to apply for admission to SUNY Oswego. Both applications require a non-refundable $50 fee, as well as a teacher/counselor evaluation. The SUNY application requires applicants to complete the SUNY supplement that includes a 250-word essay, while the Common Application also requires a 250-word personal essay. 
  • Acceptance is based on an evaluation of your high school ­ records.  If you are conditionally admitted, you are accepted into your­ chosen program on the condition that you develop your academic English to the required standard through our Intensive English Program.

#2 Not Seeking Conditional Acceptance, But Want To Improve Your English?

Many students are interested in improving their English skills but are not considering matriculating to SUNY Oswego.  If you are interested in this path to acceptance, please email: esl@oswego.edu for more information.

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Costs$14,000 $4900TBD

*Summer is a special summer program that includes trips throughout New York State including New York City, Niagara Falls, and the Thousand Islands.  These trips are also included in the program costs of Summer.

About the Area

Oswego, New York is a waterfront community is on the Southeastern shore of Lake Ontario and along the Oswego River.  Nestled along the lake shoreline, the SUNY Oswego campus is home to  some of the best locations to enjoy spectacular views and incredible sunsets.  The campus is within walking distance to the historical downtown area which features a wide variety of shops, eateries, and entertainment.  Oswego is located in close proximity to large cities in the northeast United States, which allows students the opportunity to easily explore and immerse themselves in US culture. 

  • Many local cultural organizations host concerts, plays, and other performances both on- and off-campus 
  • City parks include places to relax or catch marvelous views of Lake Ontario and the Oswego River 
  • Oswego’s historical downtown area features a wide variety of shops, eateries, and entertainment 
  • Oswego’s rich history is reflected in its many museums throughout the city as well as Fort Ontario
  • In close proximity to big cities such as Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Albany.