Course Descriptions-Winter Session

Approved descriptions for the majority of courses being offered during Winter Session 2018 are located in the online Undergraduate Course  Catalog or the online Graduate Course Catalog.

Descriptions for special courses not included in the above catalogs are listed below:

Note:  Content, for the following courses, is subject to change.  The complete description will be in the course syllabus.

CRW 395  Specialized Studies:  Readings in Flash Fiction  (70075)
The Information Age has popularized many new forms of communication including new forms of literature.  One of these is flash fiction:  Complete, compressed stories told in less than one-thousand words.  In this introduction to this cutting edge genre, you'll read flash fiction written by well-known authors, write a critical analysis paper about a story of your choice, and even try your hand at writing your own original piece.  Requirements include weekly participation, a quiz, a paper, an original story, and critiques of your peers' work.

ENG 195   Specialized Studies:  Native North American:  Land and Culture  (70021)
This course presents Native American perspectives on land ownership via review and analysis of literature on this topic.  

FIN 425  Topics:  Credit Derivatives (70065)
Examines types of derivatives based on corporate debt.  Examples of credit derivatives included in the course are credit derivative swaps and collateral debt obligations.  The course also examines how these instruments can be used to transfer risk from the credit issuers, typically commercial banks, to the capital markets.  Pricing models for credit derivative swaps will be presented. Comparisons will be made to other instruments, such as CAT (for catastrophe) bonds.

MBA 590  Special Topics:  Social Entrepreneurship (70044)
Non-profit organizations play a significant role in our economy with regards to employment, revenues and program delivery but they are not typically viewed as entrepreneurial organizations. Their focus on “mission” or delivering social value distinguishes the non-profit sector from their for profit commercial counterparts. In this course we’ll take a practical approach to evaluating non-profit organizations from those two perspectives. We’ll evaluate how a focus on “mission” affects the decision making and operations of a non-profit or social enterprise organization. The course will also use readings, case studies and discussion to understand how to apply entrepreneurial fundamentals to “mission” or social value decisions relating to program growth, program startups and creating organizational alliances.