You should discuss your readiness to take the CLEP exam with your advisor.

How can I prepare myself to take the CLEP exam?

CLEP Official Study Guides are available for purchase on the College Board website. Other CLEP exam preparation materials are sold in larger bookstores. Libraries may have some test guides.

Will I find out immediately if I passed the exam?

For most exams you will receive a score report on the day of the exam. Exams with an essay component are only graded once monthly, so you will not get the score report on test day.

What if I start an exam and I am unable to complete it?

You have the option of leaving an exam without reporting the scores. Ask the test administrator for details.

What if I have a disability?

Contact the Accessibility Resource Services Office in advance at 315.312.3358 to arrange for accommodations.

Will there be breaks or rest periods?

Unless you are receiving accommodations for a specific disability, no rest period is authorized.

If I don't score high enough on the exam, may I retake it next month?

CLEP requires that a test taker wait 90 days to retake an exam.  


CLEP by Subject

Exam TitleMinimum ScoreHoursSUNY Oswego Course EquivalentCredit Breakdown
College Composition523ENG 102Gen Ed - Writing
Humanities503A & S Elective
Mathematics503A & S Elective
Natural Sciences506A & S Elective
Social Sciences and History506A & S Elective
American Government503POL 2053 hrs Gen Ed-Soc/Beh Sci
History of the US I503HIS 2023 hrs Gen Ed-Amer. History
History of the US II503HIS 2033 hrs Gen Ed-Amer. History
American Literature503ENG 236A&S Elective
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature503ENG 1503 hrs Gen Ed - Humanities
Calculus with Elementary Functions504MAT 2104 hrs Gen Ed-Math
College Algebra503MAT 1043 hrs A & S Electives
College French-Level 1506FRE 101, FRE 102 3 hrs Gen Ed Foreign Lang & 3 hrs A&S
College French-Level 2639FRE 102- FRE 2023 hrs Gen Ed Foreign Lang & 6 hrs A&S
College German-Level 1506GER 101,1023 hrs Gen Ed Foreign Lang & 3 hrs A&S
College German-Level 2639GER 102-GER 2023 hrs Gen Ed Foreign Lang & 6 hrs A&S
College Spanish-Level 1506SPA 101, 1023 hrs Gen Ed Foreign Lang & 3 hrs A&S
College Spanish-Level 2639SPA 102-SPA 2023 hrs Gen Ed Foreign Lang & 6 hrs A&S
English Literature5033 hrs Elective
Biology506BIO 1013 hrs Gen Ed - Natural Sciences & 3 hrs A&S
Chemistry506CHE 1013 hrs Gen Ed - Natural Sciences & 3 hrs A&S
Human Growth and Development503PSY 2003 hrs Elective
Information Systems & Computer Applications503CSC 1013 hrs Gen Ed - Computer Information Literacy
Intro to Educational Psychology503PSY 3303 hours Arts/ Science Elective (upper division)
Financial Accounting503See Note 3 hrs Elective
Introductory Business Law503See Note 3 hrs Elective
Introductory Psychology503PSY 1003 hrs Gen Ed - Soc/Beh Sci
Introductory Sociology503SOC 1003 hrs Gen Ed - Soc/Beh Sci
Precalculus503MAT 1203 hrs Elective
Principles of Macroeconomics503ECO 2003 hrs Gen Ed - Soc/Beh Sci
Principles of Microeconomics503ECO 1013 hrs Gen Ed - Soc/Beh Sci
Principles of Management503See Note3 hrs Elective
Principles of Marketing503See Note3 hrs Elective
Western Civilization I503HIS 1003 hrs Gen Ed -Western Civilization
Western Civilization II503HIS 1013 hrs Gen Ed -Western Civilization


The college will award credit for examinations in Business; however, the School of Business will not grant CLEP credit for core courses within the major, and they may not be used for Wellness Management cognates.